The Best Themed Casino Games You Can Play

In the increasingly competitive and expansive world of online casino games, it can be difficult for a developer to make their game standout amongst the crowd. So, many top creators have turned to acquiring licenses from popular musicians, films, series, and even television game shows. They need to create games with titles and icons that are instantly recognisable among the fans of those entertainment brands.

There are many of these themed casino games knocking around now. But it takes an extra bit of effort and inspiration for a developer to create a game that’s not just a generic game that features some pictures of the licensed theme.

It also has to have tailor-made features that make it unique to that brand. So, we’ve uncovered a flurry of the very best themed casino games that you can play. They are based on your favourite music acts, game shows, TV shows, films, and series.

Best Music Themed Casino Games


Guns N’ Roses band member Slash showing off his incredible guitar skills, demonstrating why many consider him to be among the best guitarists of all time.

Everyone loves music of some sort. This is why casino game developers have been so keen to involve key musicians and bands in their creations. Many of the acts that now have themed casino games are considered legendary by fans of their respective genre. They are instantly recognisable by name or music by almost anyone.

Created by WMS, the Kiss slot delivers the ultimate rock experience in casino game form. The band was formed by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley – or rather, the Starchild, Demon, Catman, and Spaceman. They have become known for their crazy concerts and costumes, so the slot has mimicked the madness. It combines five-by-four slots with an adjoining five-by-twelve slot.

Featuring an RTP of 95.9%, players spin in the band members and work towards filling the Kiss meter. All while listening to Detroit Rock City, Rock and Roll All Nite, and Shout it Out Loud.

In line with iconic music acts, one of the most popular slot games of the last few years, let along most popular themed slot games, is Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt. With everyone still waiting on the fabled next album, which Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash are all said to be working on presently, this low-to-medium volatility slot gave everyone the chance to sink into their epic concerts.

The game boasts multiple G’N’R-themed features with the biggest and best being Legend Spins. The randomly activated feature gives the player multiple stacked wild spins, with the band’s stars featuring as the stacked wilds.

Best Game & TV Show Themed Casino Games


One of the most daring and difficult choices in the game show of Deal or No Deal: saying “No Deal” to the banker. Many do so to later select a high-paying box and regretting their decision – even if it’s empowering at the time.

There’s always an element of big risk and reward in game shows – which is why people love them. Simple decision-making can be the difference between hundreds-of-thousands of pounds and walking away with next to nothing.

Television shows which pit people against each other in new environments or competitions have also become very popular and involve an element of risk, primarily for celebrities who will be under the scrutiny of the nation.

One of the most instantly recognisable game shows is, of course, Deal or No Deal. The game is entirely based on luck with the added element of decision-making when the banker makes an offer. It makes for some thrilling gameplay. This is why Slingo Originals decided to create Slingo Deal or No Deal to jump into the slots section.

In the 95% RTP game, the developers have mashed together a bingo-style play with slot mechanics and the Deal or No Deal method of selecting a lucky box and getting offers from the banker.

Despite rarely featuring overly recognisable ‘celebrities,’ Dancing On Ice continues to be a very popular television show. It’s where so-called celebs try their hand at ice dancing alongside a professional.

Storm Gaming decided that the debates and spectacle of the show don’t have to end with the conclusion of each episode by creating a slot game. The 94.43% RTP casino game features a Judges Choice multiplier feature with the scorecards rewarding win multipliers. It also includes other features from the show, such as the Star Moves round. This is where your dancer needs to impress the judges with their dancing.

Best Movie & Series Games


The Sharknado series has become a cult classic by fully embracing its silly theme and plot and pushing it to the extreme, as shown in this gif by a character just kicking a flying shark in the jaws.

Content binges, movies, and series, particularly those available via streaming platforms, have become even more popular. So, it makes sense that casino game developers would want to jump in and deliver fans of the biggest shows a game that they can play alongside the content.

Severely underrated when people try to gauge just how popular the franchise is, the Sharknado series of films has become a cult classic with a gigantic following. The straight-to-TV movies feature some of the craziest things ever put to film. They thrill fans with logic-defying scenes that force giggles throughout.

Sharknado has become so big that not only does it attract many celebrity cameos, it also encouraged Pariplay to create a slot game. The game is as mental as the film series. It features a Sharknado mode filled with multipliers, a Sharknado Wild Helicopter that drops nuclear bombs, and exploding sharks that give more wilds.

On a more sophisticated note, Netflix earned a lot of praise for its series Narcos. The first two seasons are based on the hunt for Pablo Escobar as well as his rise to power. The slot game from NetEnt predominantly features the stars of the show.

They include Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), and Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal). Along with walking wilds and the Drive-By Feature, you also get the chance to capture Escobar in the Locked Up feature.

Whether you’re after a casino gaming experience alongside rock legends, on classic games and popular television shows, or in the biggest movies and series, these are the best themed casino games.