Your Guide to Live Casino Games

Guide to Live Casino Games

In recent times, the Live Casino scene has transformed immensely, with classic online versions of the best casino games no longer being enough for online casino players.

Now people are looking for the full authentic casino experience from the comfort of their homes or on the go – which is why live casino games have become so wildly popular. With the top three live casino games in abundance and many other games getting live dealer versions, all gamers are finding their favourite classic games have a live version.

Live Casino Game Types

The live casino game section will generally cover the most popular table games in the land-based casinos.

Roulette has always been a fan-favourite, as is blackjack, with other more common games like Texas hold’em poker, three-card poker, five-card poker, and baccarat also having many live casino versions. A website like CasinoEuro has 39 live casino rooms to choose from, including variants of the above like Golden Ball Roulette.

While the most popular game type of online casinos, the slot machine, doesn’t have a live version – mainly because it wouldn’t really work – other games have become very popular thanks to their live casino versions.

Caribbean Stud poker and Punto Banco baccarat are quite enjoyable games that have gained a following on the live game scene, but the biggest success story is Dream Catcher. The game basically just involves betting on a number that the spinning wheel will land on, but has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards this year.

Social Side to Live Casinos

Social media and commenting rules the modern online world and so many people seek opportunities to be more sociable with people online; so this helps to explain one of the reasons why some enjoy the live casino games.

Psychological studies have speculated that humans enjoy games that allow them to express their instinctual needs, such as being competitive, which can be temporarily fulfilled by gambling online. Combining these two factors can help to explain why these games have such a draw.

With modern Live Casinos, the live dealer being broadcast to the game screen will interact with the players. They can’t see the players as they see them, but they can see the chat window as well as lists of winners’ screen names and other game statistics to relay to the players.

By using the chat window that’s available in most live casino games, players can comment on the game, talk with other players, and interact with the live dealers – who will respond vocally in the game rather than via the chat window.

The Live Casino Experience

Apart from literally placing the chips down with your own hand, the top games offer the authentic casino experience.

Players place their chips, chat with the dealer and other players if they want to, wait for the dealer to close the betting, and then watch them either deal the cards or spin the wheel.

The software ensures that winners are rewarded instantly after each game while the players get to enjoy the live streaming of the dealers congratulating the big-money winners of the round.

With the authentic casino experience beamed live to players with seamless interactions and enhanced social interactions, players are having more fun on the live casino games than they were the standard online casino games.

Some people do enjoy the live experience, but others still prefer the speed and ease of the standard online casino games, as playing at their own pace is what they enjoy.