Industry Transformed By The Internet

Internet Gambling

Online gambling has become the norm right across the world, there is no denying it. Anyone who enjoys participating in a game of online Blackjack or trying their hand at an online scratch card, has sure to have joined at least one gambling website. There are many reasons for this, but one stands out against all others; it is just much easier these days to play online as opposed to heading out and doing it in the real world. Well, the digital world just got real, as the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) have announced that they will be implementing a team dedicated to standardising online gambling.

The groups aim is to reduce research and development costs, increase the speed to market and increase customer security and promote more intolerability online. The group will also be made up of technical experts who will help achieve this. It is important to ensure that online gambling is managed appropriately because there are too many instances of online gamblers being misled with confusing promotional schemes, which also means that there is a need to monitor how industry associations manage their gaming platforms.

The first step for the committee “will be to solicit industry input, identify problem areas, and develop a comprehensive framework for technical standards for regulated online gaming,” GSA said in a press release.

The association is organising a forum to promote excellent working relations among existing industry associations and various others. The forum “will solicit support from experts across the industry to ensure that GSA successfully builds a firm foundation for the continued growth of regulated online gaming,” according to GSA.

GSA President Peter DeRaedt says that while online gambling has been around for almost two decades, there is not a good understanding of what exactly it is. “The way to achieve integrity, transparency, and consumer protection and to combat illegal activity in online gaming is through standards, and the way to achieve success in standards development is through collaboration,” he said in the release. “Collaboration must consist of affiliations with existing industry organizations that can then identify partnerships that will move the industry forward.”

The online gambling industry has always entailed a certain amount of mystery as it is difficult to understand who controls and moderates the rate of pay-outs and winnings. The new GSA team will undoubtedly be sure to give players the chance to find out more about this aspect of online gambling which will give them a clear indication of just how legitimate each gambling websites online scratchcards, and other casino games are.