Introducing The Game Of Roulette

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When you think of casinos you think of roulette, but how exactly do you play the spinning wheel game?

One of the most exciting casino games played both in live and online casinos is Roulette. It also so happens to be one of the oldest casino games. Invented in the 18th century in France, it has been played in its current form as far back as 1796.

The game began to increase in popularity throughout the 1800s. The real turning point happened in 1843 when Louis and Francois Blanc took the game to Germany. Twenty years later they had to make a hasty retreat as the German government made gambling illegal. This forced the Blanc’s to set their compasses for Monte Carlo and there they created a gambling haven for some of Europe’s wealthiest casino game players.

It is for this reason that Roulette is sometimes referred to as ‘The King of casino games’. But some of those who have lost more than they bargained for prefer to call it the ‘Devil’s Wheel’. This due to the fact that adding up all the numbers on the wheel together comes to 666, which is widely accepted as the ‘number of the beast’.

Why Is Roulette Popular?

The two main reasons Roulette is so popular are its basic rules and its generous odds. Players place their bets on the betting board, then the dealer spins the Roulette wheel and then spins a metal ball in the opposite direction.

Eventually, the ball comes to rest on one of the numbers. Depending on the various bets placed by the player they are either paid out or the casino wins all bets placed.

Its simplicity means it is now also a popular game online at places like Betfair Casino, where you can bet on the outcome of a virtual wheel in the same way you can in a real casino.

A common bet to make is on the individual numbers. The wheel contains the numbers 0-36 and pays out with odds of 35-to-1 (on an American wheel). The zero wins all bets for the casino unless a player has bet on it to come in.

Other popular bets include betting on whether the number the ball lands on will be odd or even, red or black. There is an even number of red and black numbers, so the payout is even. Though these bets pay out much lesser odds and usually have a larger minimum bet requirement.

Even though it’s simple it also attracts the more experienced gamblers. There are various different bets to place, not just single numbers. Because of this, either make sure you know what each chip placement means, or just stick to single numbers and colours, which is still great fun!

Big Roulette Wins

Roulette is loved by complete amateurs and hardened gamblers alike and is often the focal point of a casino. This was certainly the case in 2004 when Ashley Revell famously sold all his possessions and raised $135,300. The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada agreed to allow him to place the entire amount on an even money bet and he put everything he owned on “red.”

When the ball finally came to a stop, which must have seemed like forever for Mr Revell, it landed on “Red 7” and he walked away with $270,600, though he probably took a couple of years from his life due to stress!




Minimum deposit of £10 , x45 wagering, Roulette & Blackjack 50% weighting. Bonus valid for 7 days. Not available to customers using Moneybookers/Skrill or Neteller as a payment method. Full T&Cs apply. 18+ #ad. Please bet responsibly.