Medical Marijuana Draw Decided By Bingo Machine

As the state of Arizona makes the decision to legalize medical marijuana, many across the state have submitted applications to open their own medical marijuana dispensary. This is one of the first times that a bingo machine system has been used to determine which applicants will receive their licenses.

Bingo Machine Used for Applicants
Throughout the state of Arizona, more than 500 applications were received from those looking to open a medical marijuana dispensary. Of these 500 applicants, only 126 slots are open. To be fair about selecting just who will receive a dispensary license, top of the line bingo machines are being used. In Scottsdale, Arizona, 13 applications were received while only 1 spot is open. Tempe, Arizona also tied for the most at 13 applications.

To ensure that each application in the drawing would qualify for the license, applicants must have at least $150,000 in their bank account. Applicants also had to pay $5,000 just to apply. While many will not get the opportunity to open their dispensary, others will luck out. Being left up to a bingo machine to make the determination, this is completely a game of luck being played. Independent auditors were also hired to make the process as smooth as possible and to watch to ensure that there were no mistakes made.

The Future of Bingo
While this may be a first for Arizona and the medical marijuana field, bingo may just have a future in making tough decisions if everything goes smoothly. While regular bingo machines were used in this process, online bingo could be a faster and more efficient way of making decisions in the future. Test your luck today and take home real cash prizes by playing bingo at one of many different online casinos.