3D Roulette is a relatively new innovation where the online experience of playing the game has been taken to the new level to the extent that you almost feel like you are at a real table.

The visual element is very important to some participants with regards to their enjoyment in the game. When the ball lands into a number in 3D Roulette, it is done so in a more realistic way than the standard online roulette wheels. The ball bounces in and out of a couple of numbers before settling in one of the slots.

Although the graphics are changed in 3D Roulette, all the betting opportunities remain exactly the same with the odds fixed at the standard payout.

Another way of making the game of online roulette more realistic is to play one of the live versions of the game. Just like in a casino, there is a betting period where chips can be placed on the table. Once this period is closed, the host will spin the wheel and a number will be drawn. The downside to this is that you could be waiting around for everyone else to place their bets before you learn your fate. On the other hand, this may allow you to be more disciplined with your bankroll and prolong your session even longer.

If you enjoy playing games live online, there are also versions of blackjack and baccarat. In the game of blackjack you will be up against a real dealer where you will be looking to better their hand without busting. Like in roulette, the odds are exactly the same and there is no additional cost to play.

Written by John, a fan of live roulette games.