Three British Pastimes that are Moving with the Digital Times

Fifty years ago entertainment was extremely different to how it is today – in fact, whilst in 2017 many of us are permanently glued to a screen of some sort, only the very luckiest of Brits would have even had their own televisions at home half a century ago.

However, the principles of what we do for entertainment haven’t changed that much. For example – whilst we might not sit around playing board games with our friends and family any time other than those cold, long nights over the Christmas period, many of us still enjoy a game or two – but what are the modern-day equivalents of the Britain’s favourite pastimes?

Boys Being Boys

It’s not uncommon to hear the older generation talk of simpler times, back when they played chase in the woods and there was no health and safety – but nowadays with so many kids growing up inside larger cities, or in areas that aren’t suitable to be left unattended from a young age there is little for young lads to do to keep entertained.

Games consoles – which can receive a lot of negative attention from the press – are a great way for young boys to bond and “get out exploring” without leaving the house. Internet connected gaming allows your kids to connect to the same game from the own homes, communicate with each other through headsets to complete levels in the game – perfect for encouraging your children to work as a team and without having you out of your mind with worry as they play outside.

Betting Shops

A bookies is a British high street staple – appearing everywhere from the smallest market towns to the richest London streets and just about everywhere in between – however since the recent merger of the two biggest betting shops, a large number have now closed. It is thought that the increasing number of people moving to online betting and casinos is behind the larger merger – with the online market place for monetised gaming one of the busiest.

The British love for odds, horses and fruity machines isn’t dying out – it is just going online. If you’re thinking about trying online gambling for the first time, comparison websites will list and compare all the best casino and betting sites to help you find the best one for you and the games you wish to play. Once you’ve found the sites or apps you wish to use, you can enjoy your favourite games from the comfort of your commute, your sofa, or even without getting out of bed.

Postcards from the Beach

Whilst many of us still enjoy the novelty of sending and receiving postcards, many more of us are turning towards ways of sharing the details of our trip through a method that reaches our loved ones within six months!

In June this year the EU will finally abolish data roaming charges, and whilst we are still part of it Brits will be invited to use their phones exactly as they do in the UK – with no extra charges. Meaning unlike previously, not only will mobile phone companies be prevented from charging ridiculous roaming fees, you will be able to use your current data plan wherever you are in the EU without risking bank breaking phone bills upon your return.

With Instagram, live streaming, photo-sharing, blogging and of course our favourite social media sites, few of us don’t flood our feeds with photos of the beautiful beaches, late night alfresco dinners and pool side cocktails at least once a day on holiday – much better than a post card that arrives home three weeks after you do!