Two Ways to Win More from Casino War

Casino war is a relatively simple game offered by numerous online operators including Betway Casino. It offers very little in the way of strategy, but there are two ways in which you can dupe the dealer and stay one step ahead of variance. The first and possibly most obvious way to improve your expectation in a game of casino war is to control your bet sizing.

Before the start of any gambling endeavour you should know exactly how much you can afford to lose and this figure should influence the amount of money you risk on each hand. For example, if you could afford to lose $100 then you would define this amount as your bankroll and each bet would be made in relation it.

In most gambling scenarios you should be willing to risk around 5% of your starting bankroll on a single proposition, which means if you have $100 to risk then you should be betting $5 per hand. The reason for implementing this kind of structure to your game comes down to one very simple reason: if you lose all of your money then it’s impossible for you to make it back.

Aside from utilising sound bankroll management techniques to improve your profit margin in a game of casino war you can gain a further edge by knowing whether to surrender or go to war. Each game of casino war involves the player with the highest card winning the hand and taking the pot. However, in the event of a tie, the player is asked whether they wish to give up half their stake and surrender or match their opening bet and go to war.

It’s at this point that the casino gains a significant edge over the player but by making the right choice you can expose yourself to the least amount of risk possible. Indeed, when you look at the numbers it becomes clear that going to war is actually a more profitable move than surrendering.

Although it may seem less costly to take half of your wager back and play another hand, the mathematics of the situation suggest that going to war exposes you to a casino edge of 2.7%, whilst surrendering affords the house a 3.7% edge.

Understanding the numbers involved in each decision is crucial and in this case it becomes clear that in order to make the most profit possible in a game of casino war, you need to be brave and do battle whenever possible.