What Is Keno?

Keno is a fun and exciting lottery game but how does it differ from the lottery?

Taking its roots from an ancient Chinese lottery game, Keno is really simple and pure luck. It’s no better nor worse than taking your chances on the lottery. However, Keno odds and wagers are different from a traditional lottery.

You don’t need to learn any rules for Keno. You can play it the same way you play the lottery in the UK except that you no longer have to wait until Wednesday or Saturday! Simply hit a button and you’ll instantly know if you’ve won or lost.

Because of its simplicity, Keno is almost gone from regular casinos and is mostly played on video machines. Most online casinos still offer the game.

So why do people play Keno? Well, if you’re the kind of person who wants to have fun but without the added complication of having to remember rules and strategies then Keno is for you!

How To Play Keno?

At the Keno table, you’re presented with a big board numbered 1-80. You choose how much to wager, for example, £2. You then select how many numbers you want to play, based on how many the game allows.

The total amount wagered will equal your £2 multiplied by the number of squares you choose. So if you pick five numbers to play with, your bet will be £10.

Similar to the lottery, 20 balls will pop out of the tube and land on random squares on the board. If the balls land on the squares you’ve chosen – you win!

The more correct hits you get, the bigger the payout. It couldn’t be easier.

Many casinos allow you to choose to run the numbers multiple times. Just remember that each time you play, it costs you more money.

Keno is a fun game that requires zero skill. As we said, most casinos don’t have Keno so you will have to look online if you want to play.Give it a go and see if your lucky numbers come out!