If there’s one thing you can always say about NetGen, they certainly do like coming up with fun, original themes for their slots games. Case and point: Casinomeister, a game in which a leather clad vigilante keeps an eye own rogue casino operators and makes sure they aren’t cheating you out of any cash. With him looking out for you, you’re guaranteed to rack up some big cash wins on this cool and quirky slots game.

The game offers 5 reels worth of 20 paylines, full of good quality graphics and an attractive colour scheme. Set on a green background with the reels encased in gold, the design automatically evokes images and ideas of wealth, and makes you feel like you’re in a real life casino! This is carried on view the symbols which include an “Accredited Casino” medal and a tankard of beer, as well as the usual A910JQK symbols found in most slots games.

The first thing you do upon entering the game is set your bet amount using the up/down arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen. The left set of arrows lets you decide how many lines you want to be active (a maximum of 20) whilst the left set decides how much cash you want to bet per line. Your total bet will be these two values multiplied together.

The wild symbol is represented by the Casinomeister, whilst his robot pal Vortran represents the scatter. The Wild offers a massive pay out of up to 10,000 coins and can substitute for all symbols apart from Vortran, the Rogue and Behind Bars.

Meanwhile, Vortran activates the Free Spins round, which can go as far as 100 free spins if you manage to get 5! Add on a 3x multiplier and you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal! Watch out for the rogue pig symbol though – when they appear, it means that you have only have 5 spins left. However, don’t worry too much if this happens – if a “Rogue Pig Behind Bars” symbol appears then the 5 spin countdown will come to an end and you can enjoy you unlimited spins once again.

One of the most attractive features of the game is the gamble feature. This allows the player to gamble any of their wins simply by clicking on the hearts/clubs button which appears below the reels. You will be offered a pack of playing cards and asked to guess what the next colour or suit will be in order to either double or quadruple your win. You will have the chance to do this up to 5 times. In general, we wouldn’t recommend using the gamble feature, but if you are going to use it then it’s probably best to do so in order to top up a small win, rather than risk blowing a massive one.

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