How To Pick The Best Online Slots Site

The gameplay, 3D graphics and quality of slot machines have improved each year and now online slots offer a fully immersive experience.

There is something very enticing about the chance to win fortunes in a single spin by activating one of the huge bonus offers. You can play on any device and the popularity of casino apps continues to outgrow high street and desktop sites.

Picking the best ones to use will depend on a number of factors which I will talk about below to help you find the top rated slot sites.

Progressive Jackpot Totals

The only way to be a winner when playing online slots is by landing a huge jackpot. By playing over the long term it is impossible to come out on top without winning the top prize.

This is why it is vital that you should only play at sites that offer games that have a progressive jackpots.

RGN Software

If you want the best value for your money when playing online slots you will need to find a site that runs its games on RGN software. This ensures that the outcomes are randomly generated and offer a house edge in accordance with the rate set.

The best sites have audited reports that players can find located on their websites which can be checked at any time.

Online Slots Paylines

Paylines are the most important piece of information you need to be aware of for the slots game you want to play. The reason for this is that they determine the outcome of the spins so using the best strategy will require finding out the how these work.

Some machines are better if played with only a limited number of lines and other are much more profitable if you choose all paylines. Use free spins promotions and free play versions of the game you wish to play to discover which strategy pays out the most.

Max Bet Online Slots

As discussed earlier, you will not win at slots playing over the long term which is why you need to find machines that are about to drop with large jackpots.

Max bets offer the chance for players to bet the maximum amount per spin on each of the paylines. If a big win does come your way you will get a larger amount rather than a much smaller amount which may not be enough to capitalise by playing this form of gambling.


It is almost impossible to come out on top playing slot machines with your own money which is why you should always use one of the many promotions available online.

The best types are ones that include free spins as then you get to try the games without risking money and have the chance to spin in a big win.

Look out for progressive jackpots and slot battles you can enter online as these offer the greatest chance of winning for this game type.