Online slot machines come in a variety of different types and styles. Often, online slot machines are released to promote a movie, album or other pieces of art.

“Iron Man 2 Slot” was released to capitalize on the popular “Iron Man 2” movie and can be found on Paddy Power Casino. This makes it no different than other types of promotional items except for the fact that it is a game. Long after the movie has come and gone, the game will still exist. It has to hang on its own as a game and not as just a promotional item. Is it a worthwhile addition to the world of online slots?

For the most part. Like many online slot machines, playing for real requires signing up for an online game account and using real money. Players must add debit, credit or bank account information and deposit money to use for betting. This may be a problem for players that aren’t interested in betting real money to try the game out. Not many people will be willing to try out a game that they have to pay to play.

Luckily, there is a free version available on Paddy Power Casino that lets players try out the game without any investment in money. They receive 1,800 pounds to start and once they run out they either have to reload the game or deposit real money to continue. This is a really nice feature for a lot of reasons. One, it made the game easier for me to review. Two, the game may not appeal to all fans of “Iron Man 2.” Three, it can serve as a “hook” to lure players into spending. This “try it for free” approach is becoming popular in the online gaming world and it’s easy to understand why.

How well does the game stand up? Well, it starts out with solid graphics and sound. The graphics feature reasonably close facsimiles of the actors from the movie. They aren’t photos nor are they photo realistic. However, its very easy to see who is who in the game. The game also features solid sounds inspired by the movie. Any true, dyed in the wool fan will appreciate how close the game feels to the movie. Although it’s not as action-packed or as wild, it’s definitely a good tribute that holds up well aesthetically.

The gameplay is very simple but not ineffective. Players can select the number of spins they want to take, the amount of money they want to bet per line and they can also select “Max Bet” to bet as high as possible. Players select “Spin” to start the wheel. The 5 reels, 25 line roll begins. Players win money by matching in certain ways. They have a chance to win multipliers which increases their score while in effect.

This game is fun every single time you win. It has that same “one more pull” thrill of real-world slot machines. Players have a chance to win big if they are willing to invest money so take a look at Iron Man 2 on Paddy Power Casino today.