The Monty Python movie reshaped comedy as we know it when it was released way back in 1979. It’s hard to believe that it has been more than 3 decades since the classic funny-film hit our screen. If you’ve had the good fortune of being able to watch the movie, you will know exactly what sort of humour was involved. The Life of Brian slot recreates the hilarious moments we are all used to with the Monty Python films, just with the added incentive of big prizes on the reels!

This 5 reel, 30 pay line game is about the Life of Brian and how he got mixed up with the Messiah that is Jesus. Brian was born on the same and just next door to Jesus and already players are grasping the hilarious nature of these famous movies. The movie was a huge success amongst comedy-lovers and there is no doubt that the Life of Brian slot will be just as popular amongst slot game fanatics.

The reels are filled with lots of different icons and segments taken straight from the film and players will begin to understand the hilarious story the more they play. Look out for the various characters appearing in the game, such as, Pontius, Mr. Cheeky, Brian’s Mum and, of course, Brian himself.

The Roman Empire is in full swing, although the people are trying to overthrow the Romans and players will get the chance to activate some tasty bonuses as a result – and maybe set Brian free.

Look out for 3 bonus symbols appearing on the reels, as this will trigger a series of pick and win features. A bonus wheel will spin and determine 1 of 4 different bonuses you can play, so cross your fingers that it lands on your favourite.

The 4 features are all different and the first is the Stoning Feature – which will make players select from a criminal line-up and stone them to earn cash prizes. Next, players will have to pick icons to reveal the internal crimes of the Romans… and cash prizes, again.

The people are serious about slandering the Romans, by writing graffiti on the wall. The more anti-roman messages you can paint, the more prizes you will win!

Lastly, in the Pick and Win features, Brian has been captured by Pontius Pilate and you will have to distract his guards by making him laugh and set Brian free!

Players can also win free spins, by finding the 3 free spin symbols on the 5 reels. You will have to select from a line-up of rebels to reveal your number of free spins and with ever losing spin, your free spins multiplier will increase – meaning you will be rewarded for losing. There are certainly no losers in this charming and rewarding slot game.

The Life of Brian, for those who are yet to see it, is hilarious and one of the best comedies of all time. WMS have done a great job bringing that sense of fun to life in this game.