NextGen have decided to venture into the land of slot games based on hit movies and what better movie to dedicate a slot game than to Alfred Hitchcock’s timely classic, Psycho.

Alfred Hitchcock was regarded as one of the greatest ever movie producers of all time, so it is only fitting that he at least had one slot game to honour his work and NextGen have done an incredible job of making the game as good as the movie. The location and area of the game is based around the main setting for the movie, in front of the mysterious Bates Hotel overlooked by the Haunted House. The Psycho is lurking somewhere in this game, but will you get the killer jackpot prizes before he gets you?

The game is set up like a traditional NextGen slot game, with 5 reels and 25 paylines for players to win from. The 5 reels are played on the shower curtain, which happens to be extremely important in the movie, so yet again, only fitting. The psycho killer is on the loose, but players should not fear for their lives, but revel in the fact that he is providing us with excitement in this slot game. The chilling and scary surroundings for this game complement the movie perfectly and is perfect for the thrill seekers and thick skinned players.

The reels are packed with movie references and symbols and items that appear in the film. Things like envelopes, keys, and even Norman and more will appear in the game. This is to keep the theme constant and increase the level of interest from players who are fans of the legendary movie.

The gameplay of the game is also very enjoyable though, with the frequency of wins and size of winning combinations being helped largely by the inclusion of the classic Wild symbol in the game. Covered by the word WILD, the wild symbol has the ability to substitute for all symbols in the game – except the scatter symbol. As we mentioned earlier, the psycho is lurking around the reels and he may slashed a wild symbol into a random place in between spins, just for the added help, albeit from a psycho!

There is also the chance for players to win a round of free spins when they find the correct symbol across the 5 reels. The Haunted House symbol, which acts as the scatter for the game, must appear at least 3 times and players can win up to 25 free spins. During Free Spins, the appearance of wild symbols will increase and there will also be a random multiplier attached to the wild symbol. The size of the multiplier will pop up on the Bates Hotel neon sign and it could be up to a 40x multiplier you can win!  Do you dare to pay him a visit?