There is always that type of player who doesn’t fully know what sort of slot game they enjoy the most. Sometimes they will prefer the modern, feature-filled game, and then some days they will have a preference for non-complicated, retro slot games with classic features. So, over time, they will scour the internet, searching for the perfect game that combines two of these qualities, but just when it seemed like they had to give up the search for it, out of nowhere comes the Quick Hit Platinum slot game.

This unique slot game has the speciality of being able to capture the idea of combining classical slot games with more up to date online reels to make the most exciting games on the internet. This game is created by Bally Technology, and they have managed to pull something special out of the bag with this one. No longer will players have to scout the net in search of a best of both generations game, because here it is.

The game sets up like a typical online slot game, with the 5 traditional reels. Inside the reels is where the magic happens though, with retro symbols and bumper bonuses spread throughout. Incorporated in the 5 reels, players will have the chance to play with 30 paylines; this means that there are 30 opportunities for players to land winning combinations, when they find matching symbols, which is the main objective of the game.

The prizes that players can win will depend wholly on the size of wager that players are playing per spin. The great thing about this game is that players are in control of their wagers and the betting systems for this game are very easy to operate. Players can place bets ranging from £0.30 to £450 per spin, which means that this game can more than accommodate for most playing styles.

The main thing that combines this game from the modern and classic slot games is the symbols that this game uses. From the first generation of the slot games, players will get to see the most iconic and retro symbols ever to be involved with slot games. The likes of Lucky 7s, bells, bars, and cherries all make an appearance in this game. the classic bonus symbols also surface in the Quick Hit Platinum game in the form of the wild symbol. The classic-looking Wild has the ability to substitute for most symbols in the game, except the bonus symbols.

Players can also earn themselves a number of free spins when they find the at least 3 Free Games symbols in the game. Players will have to pick their fortune, literally, by uncovering unrevealed squares with different free spins on it. Find 3 matching free spins values to win (5-20) and after you have picked you will get the chance to reveal a mystery bonus multiplier for your free spins! There is also a scatter symbol in the game that can award up to 5000x your stake when it is found 5 times!