Enjoy the excitement of scratching and spinning the roulette wheel all in one.  Roulette is one of the most famed classic casino games and now has entered the scratch scene. Roulette Scratch is an exciting scratch card that heightens your senses and gets you in a winning mood.

Roulette Scratch combines simplicity and the enthralling surprise of where the ball will stand. While classic roulette allows a pick of one number, its scratch version enables the player to adore the suspense and uncovering 5 numbers winning means you pocket the cash prize.

Decide whether you prefer to slowly reveal your five lucky numbers by scratching one panel at a time or scratch all at once. It takes only one of your five selections to find a match and you are a winner!

Attractive 3D animated effects and great background sounds combine to attribute to its captivating atmosphere, have the best of both worlds and enjoy the thrill of spinning alongside the suspense of scratching to win. Roulette Scratch card is uncomplicated and allows you to shuffle, reveal and win up to £10k.

You’ve got to spin it to win it with Roulette Scratch card. It is time to enjoy the wheel today!