Why Are Online Slots Called Fruit Machines?

While a variety of players refer to the fruit machine as a slot machine, you cannot assume all slot machines can identify as fruit machines. Thought the are very similar there are specific differences between the two. A fruit machine is technically a type of slot machine, but it is equipped with particular capabilities that are not found in slot machines.

How A Fruit Machine Is Categorised

To be categorised as a fruit machine, the game must have distinctive features like a nudge, hold, skill stop, and bonus rounds.

A fruit machine is recognized in British law as an AWP, or an ‘Amusement With Prizes’. Generally more popular in the UK where they can be found in many pubs and bars, this machine provides prizes or cash. Pure games of chance do not come under the AWP category so the game must contain a ‘skill’ element in the play.

They are still incredibly popular in the UK and can be found in most pubs, arcades, and casinos. And that’s probably the main difference between fruit machines and slot machines. Slots dominate the online market so companies such as the brand cashspins, will have far more of them as opposed to fruities. Online slots, by their nature, do not contain an element of skill.

Fruit Machine Skills

Fruit machines can be fantastic and thrilling and have been designed to suit a range of abilities for all gamers. The skill involved is in fact two-fold. The first is generally in the ‘Bonus Trail’ and the other is the nudge along with a hold characteristic.

Some of the basic features of fruit machines contain the nudge, holds, money ladder, and bonus path. The nudge characteristic is usually triggered at random and allows the player to ‘nudge’ a chosen reel in the hopes of creating a winning line. The hold feature, is comparable to nudge. The difference is that the player can hold one or more of their reels for the next spin. The idea is that if you hold two reels with the same symbol, you have a greater chance of getting three in a row on the next spin. That then leads to a winning combination. The trick is knowing which reels to hold!

The cash ladder aspect of the game allows the player to earn more as they move up the ladder. This is tied into hitting specific symbols that appear on the reels. Moreover, this has a second function in that it lights up, flashing up and down the ladder. This function is fantastic for players with quick reactions because stopping the light at the right place, frequently leads to bigger winnings.

Are Slots Better Than Fruit Machines?

It’s the age-old question and both have plenty of fans. In the real world, fruit machines dominate. That’s largely because of the element of control that layers have over the outcome. But while online slot machines don’t generally require any skill at all, the jackpots are much, much higher.

Online slots have also evolved so much that the graphics and gameplay have never been better. There is an entire industry built up around creating new and innovative online slot games. And with progressive jackpots, some games can have as many as four of them in play on every spin. There is also the potential to win much more on a spin for relatively little money. In fact, most online slot machines can now be played for as little as 10p or 20p a spin. Despite how little it costs, the payouts can be very high.

So is one better than the other? Well, that depends entirely on who you ask.