Slots are the most popular game at both casinos; land-based and online. Unlike blackjack and roulette the slots cannot be manipulated. They are purely a game of luck. That said, there are ways that you can maximise your chances of victory. You don’t need to be Dennis Nikrasch to taste success, on online slots.

  • It is imperative that you determine your bankroll before starting out. Choose a figure that is justifiable to your income and stick to it at all costs. This draconian discipline is vital for the slots, it stops you from losing money that you don’t have. The second you start losing heavily all the fun of the game is removed, so play safe and know your limits. As fun as Microgaming casinos are you don’t want to go overboard.
  • Once you have decided how much you are willing to work with, you should decide where to gamble. A good place to go for this is Pure Microgaming. Most online casinos are Microgaming casinos as the company provides most of the gaming software. The site also offers casino reviews so you know who is giving you the most for your money. From here you can find sites that allow you to play for free – practise does help – as well as finding out about promotions and payout percentages.
  • Happy with your casino? Now it is time to check the odds on the game you are interested in. Usually with higher coin requirements there are more favourable odds.
  • Many can get suckered in by the bigger payout slot machines, these are usually the multi-reel slots, when in reality the 3 real machine has preferential odds. It is also worth noting that progressive slots have bigger payouts but significantly lower returns than regular slots; they also eat through you money extremely quickly.
  • Read the rules before playing. You want to have a full understanding of the paylines and the bonus rounds. The more you know the more you’ll win.
  • Bet the maximum. In order for all the paylines to be activated you need to stake the maximum. It’s far better to be playing on a machine that you can afford to bet the maximum on rather than a machine that you cannot.
  • Superstition is a lie. Slot machines are run on a RNG (Random Number Generator) so lucky numbers don’t exist. If you are in the midst of a sustained losing streak, change game.
  • Play smart. Never chase your losses, the only loser there is yourself. When you are on a hot-streak increase your bet; you have the money to, but when the shoe is on the other foot and your luck is out, don’t go placing big bets in order to recoup some of your money, it rarely works. Instead, go back to a smaller stake and work your way back up.
  • Knowing when to quit. Without question the most important tip for anyone who is thinking of gambling. Nobody likes to lose money, especially when they cannot afford too, so knowing when to walk away is imperative. Moreover, good gamblers know when they have had too much of a good thing. They walk away when they have accrued a nice total rather than letting greed rule their head and go for more; this usually ends with someone losing all their winnings.

Have Fun. Seriously, if you are not enjoying yourself then do not play.