5-Step Guide for Building Your Perfect Gaming Room

It’s many peoples dream to have their own personal hobby room at home. A room with all the things you could ever need, a high end gaming system, surround sound, sofas, a mini fridge, the works. But is it really that difficult to achieve? Absolutely not, and with this easy run down courtesy of the team over at Paddy Power Games, we’ve got you covered.


Planning ahead is absolutely key, so figure out exactly what it is you want from your gaming room.

Do you want your own personal Vegas? A library of retro games? Make sure you plan it perfectly down to the finest detail so you’ve got everything you could possibly want with no compromises. This way you don’t forget a single thing!


Shop around and find the best deals, the coolest, unique little elements and most importantly, the comfiest furniture. Make sure you do your research and find the perfect elements that suit you the best.

Figure out where to splash your cash and where to tighten your budget to make sure everything is perfect, even down to the cost.


Remember you’re likely to be spending a tonne of time in this new gaming cave of yours, so make sure it looks and feels perfect. Work out what vibe you want in your room.

Is it warm and inviting? Cool and modern? Perhaps an old-school retro feel? The choice is yours, but make sure you get it right for you.

Personal Touch

This is where the fun starts. Adding elements like slot machines, dartboards, snooker tables or mini-fridges is where you add your own personality to the room, so let freedom reign and turn it into your own personal haven.

And always remember, there’s always room to add more!

Finishing Touches

Posters, paintings, mirrors, mood lighting, even plants! Little additions can completely open up a room and really give it its own personality, so add little touches that feel personal to you, and truly make it yours.

Remember this is your own haven, and likely somewhere you’ll be proud to bring your friends to hang out, so be sure to get it right!