Betting odds were once relatively simple. But now, with an almost unlimited selection of things to bet on, odds have become more complex. As a result, odds such as 7/11 are now more typical than simpler ones like 10/1.

So if you’ve had a bet at these odds, you’re probably wondering how to work them out. That’s where The Game Hunter comes in. We provide a comprehensive guide to determining how much you could win or have won if you bet on the odds of 7/11.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter which currency you use – the principle is the exact same. For the purposes of this explanation, I am going to use £ Sterling.


£1 @ 7/11 = £64p
£2 @ 7/11 = £1.27
£5 @ 7/11 = £3.18
£10 @ 7/11 = £6.36
£25 @ 7/11 = £15.91
£50 @ 7/11 = £31.82
£100 @ 7/11 = £63.64
Amounts above do not include returned stakes.

I’ll start by saying that the odds of 7/11 are so short they are called ‘odds on. This technically means that they are rated as more likely than evens to win. This does not mean they will win, just that it is more likely. You can still make money if your bet wins, but it won’t be a huge amount (depending on the size of your wager).

The first number (7) is the amount you’ll win from wagering the second number (11). So for every £11 that you bet, you will get back £7 if your bet wins. Basically, you cannot win back, pound-for-pound, what you bet. And even though you might not win a fortune, the short odds indicate a much higher chance of success. So it can be worth it even for the small returns.

For instance, a £1 winning bet at 7/11 will payout £.64p (plus your £1 stake is returned). If you increase the stake to £10 you’ll get £6.36 back (plus £10 stake). The maths formula for a win-only bet is:

(amount staked x 7) / 11 = win returns + stake back = total amount of returns.

For example: (£20 x 7) = £140 divided by 11 = £12.72 win + £20 stake back = £32.72 returned in total.

7/11 can give decent winnings on a bet with such low odds. You may not be able to retire on it, but a win is a win. If you are looking for better odds, you can always check out how much you could win on odds of 18/1 here.

Bookmakers are fans of low odds, as it reduces their potential liabilities. Low odds are a common sight in most sports, particularly when there’s a clear favourite. Consider a game between two evenly-matched football teams or a closely contested tennis final between two comparably ranked players. Events like these often offer odds of less than 7/11. However, don’t be discouraged – many astute bettors leverage these low odds to make decent profits.

There is an option to bet each way on most markets. However, it is generally advised not to do this unless the odds are over 6/1. Mathematically, with ‘odds on’ you can’t actually make any money if your bet does not win but instead finishes second or third.

A £1 each-way example:
If your bet wins, you’ll get your £.64p (Win bet) + £1 (Stake) + £.15p (Place bet at 1/4 odds) + £1 (Stake), so you will end up with £2.79 in your pocket.

If they DO NOT win, you will only get back 15p (Place bet at 1/4 odds) + £1 (Place Stake) = £1.15. This is less than the £2 bet you placed!

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It really is not worth it. So if you see ‘odds on’ – don’t place an each-way bet!


£1 @ 7/11 = £64p
£2 @ 7/11 = £1.27
£5 @ 7/11 = £3.18
£10 @ 7/11 = £6.36
£25 @ 7/11 = £15.91
£50 @ 7/11 = £31.82
£100 @ 7/11 = £63.64



Which British Bookmaker Offers the Best Value Odds?

In the world of sports betting, finding the best value odds is essential for increasing your chances of success. In the UK, numerous bookmakers compete for punters’ attention, offering enticing odds and promotions. Below, we will compare the top British bookmakers and determine which one provides the best value odds.

A Close Look at the Contenders

  1. Bet365
    Established in 2000, Bet365 is one of the largest and most reputable bookmakers in the UK. They offer an extensive range of betting markets and competitive odds on popular sports events. Their live streaming and in-play betting features are top-notch, allowing punters to stay engaged and make well-informed bets as the action unfolds.
  2. Betfred
    Betfred regularly offers promotions, such as free bets, cashback deals, and other incentives to new and existing customers, enhancing their betting experience. Betfred is known for providing attractive odds, particularly on popular events like Premier League football and horse racing.
  3. Ladbrokes
    Ladbrokes is another well-established British bookmaker with a history dating back to 1886. They offer a comprehensive range of betting markets, covering everything from football to horse racing. With a user-friendly website and mobile app, Ladbrokes provides seamless betting experiences for customers. Their odds are competitive, and they regularly offer promotions and free bets to enhance the value for punters.
  4. Coral
    Coral is a trusted UK bookmaker with a strong retail presence and a growing online platform. Their betting markets cover various sports, and they offer competitive odds on popular events. With a user-friendly interface and attractive promotions, Coral is a popular choice for UK punters looking for value and convenience.
  5. Betfred
    An Irish bookmaker with a significant presence in the UK market, Betfred is known for its cheeky marketing campaigns and innovative betting options. They offer many betting markets, including some unique novelty bets. Betfred’s odds are competitive, and their promotions, including money-back specials and enhanced odds, provide added value for bettors.

Breaking Down the Odds: Comparing the Top British Bookmakers

To determine which British bookmaker offers the best value odds, we will analyze their offerings in several key areas:

  1. Odds Margins
    Odds margins refer to the bookmaker’s built-in profit margin on a particular market. Lower odds margins mean better value for punters. Bet365 consistently offers some of the most competitive odds margins among the top British bookmakers, followed closely by Betfred and Betfair.
  2. Odds on Popular Markets
    When it comes to popular betting markets, such as football and horse racing, Bet365 and Betfair often have the most competitive odds. Ladbrokes and Coral also provide decent odds in these markets, while Betfred occasionally offers enhanced odds on select events, boosting the potential payout for bettors.
  3. Promotions and Bonuses
    Promotions and bonuses can significantly impact the overall value offered by a bookmaker. Betfair, Betfred, and Ladbrokes frequently offer promotions like free bets, enhanced odds, and accumulator insurance, which can increase the value of your bets. Coral and Betfred also provide attractive promotions, often featuring money-back specials and unique betting opportunities.

Each bookmaker has their own unique odds tailored to specific events. Betfred might steal the show for the Grand National, but Betfred is offering unbeatable prices for the FA Cup Final! What’s the golden rule here? Never limit yourself to just one bookie! Explore your options and compare prices for any event before you place a bet. Happy punting, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

If you’re interested in placing bets online with a reputable bookmaker, Betfred has a great bonus bet deal for new customers.