Poker is often attractive to beginners because it appears to be a straightforward game to understand. Indeed, at a surface level, the rules and basic strategies are relatively easy to grasp.

The game relies on fundamental mathematical principles, yet it is also one that continues to present new opportunities for learning and growth. To unlock its full potential, one simply needs to delve deeper into the intricacies and complexities that lie beneath the surface.

When a poker player decides to up their game, they often turn to resources like books, online training sites, and guides to help them improve. However, there is no comprehensive guide that can guarantee success. If such a guide existed, everyone would have access to perfect knowledge and strategies, making the game extremely difficult to win. In other words, either everyone would be rich, or the games would be too tough to play profitably.

There are some great books available to beginners. Many of them have been written by staples of the poker world such as Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu.




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Watch and Learn

There are also thousands of video guides available on YouTube, and these can be really helpful. They are short and concise and can provide valuable tips and strategies. But if you want to know how to play specific hands in specific situations, there is no substitute for poker experience.

The best way to gain poker experience is by playing as much as possible. Start small by playing at a low-limit table and taking the time to analyze each move and hand. You will inevitably make some of the common mistakes that many poker players make, but these mistakes will provide valuable learning opportunities.

Once you have developed a better understanding of the game, consider participating in online poker tournaments. These tournaments allow you to play more hands in a shorter amount of time and often have better prize pools. By gradually increasing the complexity of your gameplay, you can gain experience and become a more skilled poker player.

Multi Table Players

It is no coincidence that better online poker players also play dozens of tables simultaneously. They do this to make money first and foremost. But this experience means some of them will play more hands in a five-year period than real-world poker players do in their entire careers.

Doyle Brunson once stated that each and every day he sits at the poker tables, he learns something new. Even if he plays with the same group of players, he has done for many years. One of them will look at their cards slightly; differently, one will make a slightly different bet size; it could be anything, even learning something about himself.

By all means, read some of the better strategy books out there or join a training site. Better yet, find a decent poker forum and discuss various strategies with other like-minded poker players. But once you have done this, take some money and play some poker in an attempt to apply your newfound knowledge.

If you play enough poker, you will encounter similar situations day in and day out. You will know exactly what to do, so will rarely be left in difficult or confusing spots. As a result, your poker playing will be a much more comfortable experience.

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10 Short Cuts to Gaining Experience

As a poker player, gaining experience is crucial to improving your game and increasing your chances of success. However, traditional methods of gaining experience through years of playing and observing other players can be time-consuming. If you’re looking to fast-track your poker experience, there are several ways to accelerate your learning and gain more experience in a short time frame.

Here are ten ways to gain more poker experience quickly:

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  1. Join an online poker community and engage in discussions and strategy analysis.
  2. Watch live streams of professional poker players to learn their strategies and thought processes.
  3. Analyze hand histories using poker software to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  4. Play in low-stakes online tournaments to gain experience in a competitive setting.
  5. Attend poker training programs or seminars to learn from experienced professionals.
  6. Participate in mock tournaments or simulations to practice decision-making skills.
  7. Read books and articles on poker strategy to gain insight into different playing styles.
  8. Collaborate with other poker players and exchange ideas and strategies.
  9. Play against tougher opponents to challenge yourself and gain experience.
  10. Hire a poker coach to receive personalized guidance and feedback on your gameplay.

By incorporating these strategies into your poker training, you can accelerate your experience and improve your skills in a shorter amount of time.