GG, GLA, and ROFL, these may sound like random letters. However, these are just some of the most used terms on bingo chat rooms today. But what do they all mean?

If you’re new to online bingo, the first thing you need to know is that all online bingo halls have a ‘chat’ facility. Players can use this to communicate with each other during a game. They often post quick messages if they are waiting on just one or two numbers or to congratulate each other on wins.

The Bingo moderator also uses the chat room. They use it to play quick games, give away prizes, or answer any player questions that might crop up.

As bingo action happens very quickly, most players use abbreviated terms to chit-chat whilst keeping up with the fast-paced bingo games. It’s much easier now as most of the online bingo games are fully automated. So no need to get that virtual dabber out!

Bingo chat terms can be very confusing to new players, so we have put together a list of the most common ones used online.

Most Popular Online Bingo Chat Terms

Here’s a list of commonly used online bingo chat terms and their meanings:

  1. 1TG, 2TG, 3TG: These acronyms stand for “One To Go”, “Two To Go”, and “Three To Go”, indicating how many numbers a player needs to achieve bingo.
  2. AFK: This term stands for “Away From Keyboard”, indicating that the player is not currently active or available.
  3. BBS: This stands for “Be Back Soon”, often used when a player needs to leave the chat briefly.
  4. BRB: An acronym for “Be Right Back”, indicating that the player will return shortly.
  5. BTW: This stands for “By The Way”, a common term used in many online chat situations, not just bingo.
  6. CM: This stands for “Chat Master” or “Chat Monitor”, referring to the person who moderates the bingo chat.
  7. FAQ: “Frequently Asked Questions”, referring to a list of answers to common questions about the game.
  8. GG: This stands for “Good Game”, usually said at the end of a game.
  9. GL: This term stands for “Good Luck”.
  10. GLA: An acronym for “Good Luck All”, a term used to wish all the players luck before a game starts.
  11. GM: This stands for “Good Morning”.
  12. GN: This stands for “Good Night”.
  13. IMO: This stands for “In My Opinion”, a preface used when a player is about to share their personal opinion.
  14. JP: This stands for “Jackpot”, the biggest prize in the bingo game.
  15. LOL: An acronym for “Laugh Out Loud”, used to indicate something is funny.
  16. OMG: This stands for “Oh My God”, expressing surprise or disbelief.
  17. ROFL: An acronym for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”, used to indicate something is very funny.
  18. SS: This stands for “So Sorry”, used to express sympathy.
  19. TY: This stands for “Thank You”.
  20. WDW: This stands for “Well Done Winner”, used to congratulate the winner of a game.
  21. WTG: This stands for “Way To Go”, also used to congratulate the winner of a game.

These terms can help you get started in any online bingo chat, but remember, different communities may have additional unique terms, so always be open to learning new lingo!

Getting Started In The Bingo Chat Rooms

These are a selection of some of the most used terms in bingo chat rooms. If you can get to understand these, then you can have hours of fun chatting with fellow bingo players. At first, they may be quite confusing, but before you know it, you’ll be ROFL with some of the conversations and will want to be back online ASAP!

If you play bingo online a lot, then you probably already know what these terms mean. If you haven’t been playing for that long, the chat facility you’re looking for is usually on the right-hand side of your game screen.

There is always a very friendly host, and it’s their job to make you feel at home. So don’t be afraid to ask questions or take part. Using the bingo chat terms will make you feel part of the group and add a little more fun to your bingo play.

Chat Room Etiquette

Just like any community, the online bingo world has a set of etiquettes that players are expected to follow while using the chat feature. Here are some key guidelines:

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  1. Be Respectful: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Respect people’s views and opinions even if they differ from yours.
  2. No Spamming: Repeatedly sending the same message or irrelevant information is considered spamming and is generally discouraged.
  3. Avoid Caps Lock: In an online setting, typing in all caps can come across as shouting or yelling, which is generally considered impolite.
  4. Use Abbreviations Appropriately: While abbreviations are a big part of online chat, it’s essential to make sure they’re used correctly and understood by others in the conversation.
  5. Congratulate Winners: It’s customary in online bingo to congratulate the winners. This is usually done by saying ‘WTG’ (Way To Go) or ‘WDW’ (Well Done Winner).
  6. Use ‘GL’ and ‘GLA’ Correctly: Before a game starts, it’s considered good etiquette to wish everyone luck by saying ‘GL’ (Good Luck) or ‘GLA’ (Good Luck All).
  7. Listen to the Chat Moderators: Chat moderators (CM) are there to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. If a CM gives instructions or warnings, make sure to listen and follow their guidance.
  8. Avoid Controversial Topics: It’s generally best to avoid discussing potentially divisive topics like religion or politics. Online bingo should be a fun and relaxing environment for everyone.
  9. Don’t Share Personal Information: For your own safety, avoid sharing personal information such as your home address, phone number, or financial information.
  10. Report Inappropriate Behavior: If you witness behaviour that’s inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, report it to the chat moderator or the platform’s support team. It’s essential to help maintain a safe and respectful environment for all players.

By following these guidelines, you can contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable online bingo community!

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More Chat Abbreviations

Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations across various digital platforms:

  1. LOL: “Laugh Out Loud”, used when something is funny.
  2. OMG: “Oh My God”, often used to express surprise or excitement.
  3. BRB: “Be Right Back”, used when stepping away from the conversation momentarily.
  4. TTYL: “Talk To You Later”, used when planning to end the conversation and continue at another time.
  5. IMHO: “In My Humble Opinion”, used before stating an opinion on a matter.
  6. ICYMI: “In Case You Missed It”, often used when sharing news or information that was previously posted.
  7. DM: “Direct Message”, refers to a private conversation between two people on a social media platform.
  8. ROFL: “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”, used when something is very funny.
  9. BTW: “By The Way”, used when adding additional information to the conversation.
  10. BFF: “Best Friends Forever”, used to refer to a very close friend.
  11. FTW: “For The Win”, used to show support for something.
  12. IDK: “I Don’t Know”, used when you do not have the answer to a question.
  13. IRL: “In Real Life”, used to distinguish between something online and something happening in the physical world.
  14. NSFW: “Not Safe For Work”, used to warn that a link, photo, or text contains explicit or potentially offensive content.
  15. SMH: “Shaking My Head”, used to express disbelief or disappointment.
  16. TBH: “To Be Honest”, used before stating an honest opinion or confession.
  17. TL;DR: “Too Long; Didn’t Read”, used to provide a brief summary of a longer text or post.
  18. YOLO: “You Only Live Once”, used to express the idea that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks.
  19. FOMO: “Fear Of Missing Out”, used when you feel like others are experiencing something exciting that you’re not a part of.
  20. LMAO: “Laughing My Ass Off”, used when something is extremely funny.

Remember, the internet is always evolving, and new abbreviations can come into common use quite rapidly!