Over Valued Poker Hands

One of the most common types of player in today’s fast-paced world of poker is the ‘Over-valuer’.  They have a reasonably good idea of hand values and will understand that when they’ve flopped top pair that they are in a decent position. But ‘Over-valuers’, similar to ‘Fish’ will not consider what their opponents hold. And it’s a big mistake to concentrate only on your own cards.

Over-valuers do exactly that. They think only about the cards that they are holding. Players like this tend to place far too much weight in suited cards and will quite often play bad poker hands such as 10 and 3 simply because they are the same suit.

They don’t consider the fact that flushes are relatively uncommon, relative to the number of overall hands played during a game. And even a top pair of 10’s, if one flops, is still not great. There are plenty of over-pairs that can still beat them.

Over-valuers like the high cards and so while most of us would throw away a Q 2, over-valuers will play it simply because they hold a Queen. There is a tendency to believe that a second Queen will flop and win them the game. Of course, they are forgetting one simple thing, not all big cards were created equally.

So even a pair of Queens is no good if the King or an Ace flops. What’s worse is that even if their opponent only holds Queen high as well, a 2 is no good as a kicker!

Of course, knowing this can help you spot an ‘over-valuer’ at the table. But be wary because like the ‘Fish’ they do over call and you will need a winning hand to beat them. Be careful, players like this will play anything that is reasonably connected. So if the board flops low cards then there’s a good chance that they could win as many will play low connected cards.


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On the upside though, you can loosen up your play against them. You know that they will play low pairs or low connected cards so it pays to go to the river with them. Also, they don’t tend to bluff. They call and raise because they believe they have the best hand which is not necessarily always the case!

In order to outplay them, you need to know what your own cards are worth. So make sure that you know the best hands in poker, as well as the worst ones. Take advantage of your position at the table to force bets out of them. The more money in the pot, the more there is to win.

There are plenty of strategies you can use against over-valuers. But knowing their history of playing duff hands, will help you enormously. So push them as far as you can when you have a really good hand. And don’t try to play them at their own game. If you have a terrible hand, fold. Because even an over-valuer will get lucky some of the time.