Worst Poker Hands

Poker is still one of the most popular casino games. Whether you prefer the real world game or playing online poker, the basics of the game are the same. Ultimately, it comes down to the cards you are holding. So here we are going to look at the worst poker hands.

No matter how good you think you are at bluffing, these hands should really never be played! The only exception to that rule is if you’re heads up in a tournament and have barely enough for the next blind. Or if you are the big blind and no one raises before you.

Even then you’re going to need a miracle of biblical proportions to win with these hands! So if you see these cards at any other time, fold faster than Superman on laundry day!

A common mistake many new poker players make is playing too many hands. They get caught up in the excitement of the game they overplay poor hands. Be selective and don’t force weak hands. Yes, if you fold weak hands, you may miss the odd lucky flop, but it doesn’t pay longterm.

You might see Gus Hansen or Daniel Negreanu do it in the WSOP, but that doesn’t mean you can do it online. They have reputations that allow them to get away with some crazy moves.

Online players call more often than players in real-world games. Remember Chris Ferguson’s tip – ‘Pump it or Dump it’. If your hand isn’t strong enough for a raise it’s too weak for a call.

Worst Poker Hands

The cards below are considered the very worst of the worst poker hands. Here is a couple of reasons why. With these hands, you have no straight draw, no flush draw, and even if you make a pair it’s unlikely you’ll have the best hand at the table because the card values are so low.

Worst Hands In Poker

Officially, 7 &2 is the single worst starting pair of cards in Texas Hold’em. They are the lowest two cards you can have that cannot make a straight because there are five cards between them. Even if they are suited, they will only make you a very low flush. And if either makes pairs, it is still a low hand.

While there’s always a chance that you could get pairs, these are low pairs, so use cautiously. Just because you might see a rare 7-7-2 flop, that doesn’t make it a good reason to push these hands.

After that the next worst pair to start with are 8 & 2. The only difference is that 8 is higher than 7. Even then, you really cannot do anything with them so it’s best to fold!

So now you know the worst poker hands, check out some of the best hands you can get in Texas Hold’em.


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