Can Cause Of Causes Win The 2018 Grand National?

When looking through the Grand National contenders the horses can often be split into two different groups. The first is horses that have been really impressive this season, look to be improving and are taking a shot at the race. The second is those that we haven’t seen much of this season, but they are being trained specifically for the race, and have previously shown the ability to stay the distance and jump round the track. Cause of Causes is definitely a horse in the latter category, he hasn’t really advertised his claims at all this season but is certainly a horse to keep an eye on.

He finished 8th in the 2015 Grand National behind Many Clouds, before going very close when coming 2nd last year behind One For Arthur. While we have seen little from him so far this season, a repeat performance from last season would give him a great chance of going close in the race, making him one of a number of contenders for the 2018 crown.

Last season we saw little from him to show us he has a chance of winning the race until he ran in the cross-country race at the Cheltenham Festival. That was a race he won, as he sprung into life in the spring, just in time for his two main targets. He is heading to Cheltenham again and would have a good chance of winning the cross-country race for the second time, providing he is fit and ready to go.

The stamina test of 3m6f and the quirkiness of the Cheltenham cross-country course is exactly what Cause of Causes needs right now, it really plays to his strength. While he may not win the cross country race, that race will be part of his Grand National preparation, and will no doubt put him in perfect shape for the big one in April.

Now 10 years old, this may be the last time Cause of Causes has a shot at the National, so preparations are sure to have been perfected by trainer Gordon Elliott. He has been very quiet so far this season and has been forgotten by many people because of that. However, make sure you don’t write him off, we have seen enough from him in the past to think he has a genuine chance of winning the National.

Supporters will be hoping for a good showing in the Cheltenham cross-country race, and anywhere near the front three in that would please the yard. Should he win that race then that would give him the same preparation as last season when he went on to finish 2nd in the National, and despite being a year older, you would have to think he could potentially do the same again, or even go one better.

Cause of Causes may not have shown too much this season, but he is a lively Grand National contender who will spring to life at the Cheltenham Festival in a few weeks. That will put him spot on for another National tilt in April.