Why Do Tech and Gaming Companies Rebrand: 5 Examples

It’s quite common to see businesses rebrand, regardless of the sector, for a variety of reasons. It’s not just simply about creating a different logo. The reasons behind the decision are far deeper than you may realize, especially in the technology and gaming industry.

If you’ve been confused about a company’s change of appearance or the rebranding of your favorite gaming site, then do not go away. Here are some examples of rebranding in the sector and, most importantly, why the decision was made to change the features of well-recognized brands.


Earlier this year, the Warner Bros-owned Machinima rebranded with the aim to make gamer culture a mass form of entertainment. It is this change in the strategy behind one of YouTube’s largest gamer culture channels that brought about the rebranding. The aim behind the decision was to transform Machinima from a multichannel YouTube network to a cross-platform service, intersecting gamer culture and entertainment.

Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo has emerged as a result of the rebranding, too. The company has bingo club branches around the UK, as well as an online presence, with slots, bingo and games available to play online. The move behind the rebranding is a strategic plan, what with the increase of younger bingo players and desire to play bingo online. Investment for the rebranding has therefore been concentrated on physical clubs and technology, to ensure maximum entertainment among Buzz Bingo customers.

Microsoft Edge

The move from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge back in 2015 should be considered more than a rebranding; it was the development of a new web browser. While the technological advances that take place behind the scenes may be more than a change in branding and marketing strategies, the main principles of rebranding can still be seen in upgrading a web browser used every day by people all over the world. The concept of adding features to suit a modern-day client base, such as faster browsing and a minimalist design, is not unlike other tech and gaming companies.

Electric Square

In Autumn 2017, it was announced that Brighton-based game designer Studio Gobo was rebranding its second studio as Electric Square. The reason for this particular case of rebranding was to be able to develop full projects and appeal to potential clients by working on multiple projects. As a result of the move, Electric Square have already secured the development of Miami Street, a racing game made in connection with Microsoft solely for PCs.

Vodafone Giants

Giants Gaming has announced its partnership with telecommunications company Vodafone, leading to a rebranding to Vodafone Giants. The Spain-based eSports organization has teams competing in high profile video games such as Call of Duty and FIFA. The partnership stands to advance offers for both organizations, with Giants helping to maintain Vodafone’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

Hopefully, these examples provide you with an insight as to why companies in the sector rebrand. A major trend seems to be keeping up with the modern world and needs of people but, at the end of the day, rebranding can be due to anything from changes in ownership to changing markets.