Gaming Applications to Try: Sega Forever and Other Interactive Mobile Games

Summer has finally arrived! School is over for the kids, and the grown-ups are making plans for a holiday! Everyone is free to go outside and enjoy the sun. However, for those who can’t take the heat, or prefer to stay at home, we have another suggestion. You can download some brand new apps on your phone and spend the day sitting at home while enjoying the features.

You can enter various activities via mobile device. People who like to risk for the win are looking for casino games or sports competitions to wager. The reviews on the site of will show you the best features for mobile betting you can access online. Besides gambling, there are other exciting gaming apps. Some people would rather pay for gameplay with interesting characters that involves many levels. The themes that players can choose from include action, puzzles and sports.

Play Sega Forever
At the beginning of 2017, the game developer SEGA had a big surprise for its customers. We are referring to the Sega Forever package, which includes five free gaming options. On the one hand, the offer is a real treat for the players who want to relive classic Genesis games. On the other hand, the new generation will have a chance to experience a part of history. The application manages not only to resurrect some of the old titles of SEGA but to improve their gaming quality.

For now, Sega Forever consists of five games, but the number may increase over time. The unique feature takes the original gameplay and transfers it to an Android device. A console or a PC is not necessary – gamers can play at any time and any place. Furthermore, the gaming app can be downloaded online for free, which guarantees full accessibility. Although the games don’t cost anything, some additional options, like a commercial free gameplay, will require a small payment.

Android users can choose between Kid Chameleon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Altered Beast, and Comix Zone. SEGA has promised to release a new title every week as the games come straight from the consoles of the company to your mobile. As convenient as it is to play games by using a touch screen instead of a controller, the same doesn’t go for titles like Sonic. Still, gamers can make the gameplay more realistic with the help of a Bluetooth gamepad.

Enter Slayaway Camp
Since many games include kill counts, there is nothing strange about enjoying a gory, slasher film-worthy gameplay. Taking the role of a predator that is stalking and chasing unsuspecting victims can be entertaining. The latest example for slasher themed action is Slayaway Camp. It cost only 3 USD on the gaming market. Horror movie goers with nostalgia for the 80’s flick are bound to buy it.

The mobile game takes a more interactive approach to the slasher genre as completing each level requires the use of logic. The gameplay is about helping the murderer Skullface by solving a series of puzzles. You have to swipe across the screen of your phone to make the character move around. The goal is to guide the killer to its victims. After the player has found each target, he or she has to plan a way for the slasher to escape before the police arrive.

At first, the game looks simple, but each level brings new elements to the gameplay. That makes every next puzzle harder. Also, there are video tape riddles you need to solve. Despite the grotesque kills and its dark nature, the mobile game is quite funny. The graphics are very similar to the ones of Minecraft which prevents the player from taking the gameplay too seriously. Currently, the game has about 140 levels, but there will be more coming soon.

Race Kings Competition
Another gaming theme that players can not resist is racing. The features include a single player as well as a multiplayer option. The latest hit in the gaming genre is called Race Kings. The game resembles popular drag-racing titles such as CSR Racing. That is why Race Kings has very limited interactions to offer. Despite that, the gameplay is about winning a competition through drifting. The mobile car game follows the dynamics of racing as the player drifts around dangerous turns on the track. Therefore the gameplay resembles a series of stunts.

The Race Kings application allows mobile users to experience real life drifting in the palm of their hand. For example, entering a curve requires from the player to tap the handbrake. Afterwards, you need to maintain a level of speed around the bend. You can achieve that by keeping your speedometer inside the blue zone.

The aspect of real-time racing is another feature that makes the app so popular. Excitement is guaranteed as the players battle each other through a series of drift-centric manoeuvres to win the competition. The graphic design is very slick and dynamic but best of all is that everyone can play the game for free. Still, applying additional gaming features to Race Kings comes at a price.

Practical Applications
The site of offers games for all who want to bet on the go, while the mobile applications of SEGA will take you on a journey through different gaming themes. Then again, if you prefer something you can use throughout your daily routine, there are two apps you might like.

Although Firefox is no longer the best web browser in the world, Mozilla has a created a new app. Since privacy and simplicity are important for every internet user, the operator created the Firefox Focus. The app is better than the average mobile browser because there are no tabs and minimal interface. Everything you do online will remain under a private browsing shade. After concluding the browsing session, the Firefox Focus user can clean the entire history by tapping the small trash can icon, located at the bottom. Therefore no website can track you.

When it comes to the weather, people want to know what is happening now or what is ahead. That is why Storm Rader is so popular among mobile users. The application of the Weather Channel has more than 50 million downloads. Storm Rader provides more than just basic information about weather conditions, along with daily and hourly forecasts. By focusing on the radar maps, the app allows the users to look ahead to projected movement paths or rewind weather patterns. That allows you to visualise storms, lightning strikes and more.