How Jackpots Work In Slot Machines And Why They Are So Popular

A popular song and, of course, a TV quiz is “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. It really is a silly question because we would all love to become millionaires. To become a millionaire you’ll have to work for a long time or maybe you’ll just need a stroke of luck!

With some slots, you could become a millionaire in just a few seconds, so it’s no wonder that chasing a progressive jackpot is so popular.

Just imagine this for a moment. You play a slot game that has a progressive jackpot and along comes the opportunity to play for the massive prize and you win a life-changing amount of money. It’s the dream of every player of slot games!

Slot machines have made massive progress in recent years. As is often the case, advances in technology have played their part. Games have become more complex, and the arrival of the internet has seen the number of slot games available at casinos online go through the roof.

That’s great news for those who love playing slots that have progressive jackpots. You see, the more people that play them, the higher the prizes become. That’s because every time someone plays a game that contains a progressive jackpot, a percentage of the stake adds an additional amount making it even higher.

You can see the current value of the progressive jackpot in a box that is usually above the reels. Your mouth will water as you see it grow higher and higher. Perhaps the next spin might see you winning it, who knows? That’s another reason it is great fun playing slots online.

There might actually be more than one progressive jackpot. There are many games that have as many as four. They come in varying amounts usually starting at a couple of hundred pounds, moving into the low thousands, then the high thousands and often the biggest can be worth over a million quid. Some are even timed so they must be won by a certain point in the day. Or alternatively, they must be won before they reach a certain amount.

Slot games have different ways in which the progressive jackpots can be won. You might have to climb up a money ladder to have a chance of winning. Others see you choosing from a set of grids to get matching icons.

It is exciting playing online slot games and the dream of winning a massive prize will keep you playing. A lucky player won as much as $20m playing the progressive jackpot in the slot game Mega Moolah, so now that’s an exciting prospect for sure.