Ladbrokes Riot Proof TV

Sports betting firm Ladbrokes has responded to a ‘Facebook group called Ladbrokes don’t f*** about when it comes to TV brackets’ who have asked the firm to Auction the TV seen by millions resisting the best efforts of the London Looters in the recent riots in the capital.

The Facebook group swiftly gained over 45,000 followers, was created after footage was shown of looters being unable to detach the television screen from the wall of the company’s Lavendar Hill shop, despite up to three people using their whole body strength by hanging off it.

Ladbrokes Bookmaker has said they will look at the condition of the TV before auctioning it for Charity. Richard Royal, Public Affairs Manager at Ladbrokes, commented:

“Whilst the incident itself was clearly very serious and disturbing, it is an indication of the London spirit to be able to put a silver lining on what otherwise is a very black cloud.

“We have noted of the strength of community feeling regarding the bastion of defiance that is our TV screen, and the suggestion that we should consider auctioning it, with proceeds going to the clean-up operation. I have asked for the condition of the TV to be assessed, after which I see no reason why this can’t happen.”

Below you can see footage of the famous TV.