The iGaming sector might be one of the most rapidly growing businesses online, as statistics firm Statista reports that its global market size should soar past $184 billion by 2032.

Still, this particular segment of the gaming industry remains somewhat shrouded in mystery.

From the popular belief that the odds are always stacked against players to the misconstruction of virtual casinos as mere scams, many users get the wrong ideas about the online gambling sphere, which results in rampant distrust and confusion.

In this article, we’ll tackle some of the most common myths associated with online casinos.

Myth 1: Casino Games Are Rigged By Default

Unlucky players on a losing streak may be bent on declaring that all casino games are fixed, with casino operators exploiting a loophole in the system to profit off users’ gullibility.

While games like machine slots or roulette are inherently dependent on luck, it doesn’t mean that they’ve been tampered with, either.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as it is in the interest of reputable platforms to gain their players’ trust to thrive.

To that effect, they may implement advanced technologies like randomly generated numbers to ensure that the outcome of any game remains completely fair and unpredictable.

Of course, some games are more profitable than others. The house edge is much lower when playing games of strategy such as blackjack than when trying one’s luck at slot machines.

As explained on The Game Hunter, however, sophisticated pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) are used in virtually any machine slot, countering the widespread misapprehension that such games can run hot and cold.

Practically, past spins do not affect the probability of giving payouts, as spins invariably operate randomly.

Similarly, live dealer sessions ensure the fairness of any tabletop game, as players can monitor the croupier’s every move through a live video feed.

Myth 2: Players Never Get To Cash In Their Winnings

The faulty impression that winners never get paid what they are owed after hitting the jackpot online arguably stems from actual incidents of fraudulent malpractice.

That said, it would be disingenuous to paint well-established, reliable platforms in such a negative light over the deceitful conduct of some shady websites.

By law, licensed online casinos are obligated to pay out winnings. Failure to comply with strict existing rules and regulations begets legal penalties and hefty fines, not to mention a huge blow to a platform’s reputation.

Nonetheless, players must still read the terms and conditions of withdrawals thoroughly, since the requirements for redeeming money can vary significantly.

Several casinos apply withdrawal fees, while others put waiting periods in place. Fast-payout casinos are gaining traction in online circles for that very reason.

Such instant withdrawal platforms usually process winnings in minutes or hours, depending on the player’s preferred payment method.

Myth 3: All Casinos Are The Same Online

Presuming that all casinos offer exactly the same services and products is one erroneous assumption many players make when navigating the online gaming world.

Incidentally, picking the first platform that one can find often results in disappointment.

Some casinos are big into cryptocurrencies, whereas others are incompatible with Bitcoin or Ethereum payment. Some websites offer mobile-friendly gaming, while others do not run that smoothly on mobile devices.

That is why players, both seasoned and new to the gambling realm, need to properly research a website suitable to their playing style and preferences.

Browsing through testimonials and reviews published by other players can go a long way to identifying recurring problems and outright red flags.

Visiting specialised websites like CasinoReviews can also come in handy to get started on the right foot.

Accounting for key decision-making criteria like high-quality games, reward schemes, security, and customer support, expert reviewers have scoured the web to sniff out the best casinos around.

Additionally, comprehensive guidelines help users grasp the basics of deposit and withdrawal methods.

From hidden gems boasting a handful of carefully curated niche games to big brands with thousands of titles to explore, users can filter through countless options for their enjoyment.

Final Thought

Discovering the world of online casino gaming may seem daunting for first-time players, as many misconceptions can cloud their judgment.

Such a cautionary approach isn’t necessarily wrong, as it allows users to take the necessary steps to select a trustworthy platform instead of rushing in to a not-so-reliable website.

However, many pervasive myths derive from straight-out fallacies, which are best dispelled for players to enjoy their playtime without giving in to uncalled-for frustration.