What’s Your Lucky Number?

A new survey conducted by Betway Insider has highlighted the superstitions surround lucky numbers. The research quizzed 2000 members of the British public and came up with some interesting results.

It was no surprise that Britons claimed 7 is the luckiest number, a whopping 25% thought it was lucky for them. However, the next ‘luckiest’ number cited was 13! Traditionally a number associated with bad luck. It was believed that the 13th person present at the last supper was Judas, the follower who betrayed Jesus. In fact, 13 is considered so unlucky that many tall buildings in America don’t even feature the 13th floor.

The strangest number to come up in the research is 23. People who believe in the power of the number 23 are called ’23rdians’. Many famous sports personalities have put their faith in the number over the years. Basketball player Michael Jordan wore the 23 shirt whilst playing for the Bulls, David Beckham also wore the number on the back of his Real Madrid jersey, and Marcus Trescothick, the England cricket player wears the number. 23 occurs so often in nature and mathematics that it’s easy to see how people can become fascinated by it. For instance, each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to their child. Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor was stabbed 23 times. The average human physical biorhythm is 23 days long. 23 is also one of the most commonly cited prime numbers – a number that can only be divided by itself and one.

It worthing noting that there is no scientific evidence to prove that certain numbers are luckier than others. Many of the superstition surround numbers come from cultural belief passed down the generations. If you’d like to read more about ‘Lucky Numbers’ then check out the infographic from Betway below.