Poker Anger

Research shows that anger is the most difficult of emotions to control. When things are not going your way on the felt you can start to become angry. As each bad beat smacks you in the face more anger seats itself in your brain.

You don’t erupt quite yet but your mind has created a block of anger and it will be followed by another one quite soon. Before you know it you will have built up a large wall of these things. It is inevitable that sooner, rather than later, one moment will turn the anger into rage.

In his excellent book, Devilfish: The Life and Times of a Poker Legend, Dave Ulliot said that when he was younger money was seen as fuel to him. Fuel to help ignite the fires of his addiction. These angry trains of thoughts are the same thing. They too are fuel. Fuel to ignite your eventual rage.

So how do we try to avoid these blocks of anger building up to almost uncontrollable levels?

Firstly, those using the latest betfair offers need to be aware that they exist. Admit to yourself that you are prone to moments of anger and rage. Then start to make records of times when your body starts to feel that state of arousal. It could be anything from tightness in your stomach or you lobbing your mouse out of the window.

Be a diligent note-taker while you are playing or researching the latest betfair promo. Not just notes on your opponent’s tendencies but notes on what makes you angry. After the session review, those notes and you will start to become more aware of what situations are causing you to feel this way.

Once you understand why you feel the way you do you are at last ready to do something about it.