Common Poker Mistakes To Avoid

There are many reasons to play poker online, but entertainment and the chance of winning lots of money are both up there at the top of the list. As with all things though, it is best to have a winning strategy like the top professionals do. Otherwise, you are pretty much just throwing your money away.

It is a well-known fact that poker is not a game won purely on luck because there is a huge element of skill involved. There are millions of people out there who already know how to play poker. But if you are not one of them then it is definitely worth reading our Poker Blog as it has loads of useful articles to improve your poker game.

It is always good to learn from your poker mistakes. The bad news is that you will make plenty of them as a beginner. So it is best to try free sessions in the practice games before you actually start placing real money bets. However there are a few big mistakes that beginners tend to make, so don’t fall into the trap!

Don’t Underestimate Your Opponents

Don’t ever underestimate your opponent’s hand. You may think that your hand is the best that it could be, but check the board. Is it a wet board? That means there are potentially a lot of hands that can be made from the flop, turn or river. Or is it a dry board? This is when few hands can be made better from the cards turned over.

What hands could your opponents have based on what you see in front of you? Always consider the likelihood that someone else has a better hand than you. Simply put, do not overvalue your hand. You can never be too careful with this!

Avoid Being Predictable

Nobody advocates playing really terrible hands. But if you only play good hands your opponents will through you very quickly. They will know when you’ve been dealt a good hand and they will simply fold.

Likewise with constantly trying to bluff or force bad hands. If your opponents know you will play anything, they will whittle down your stack very quickly.

So don’t be predictable. Change up the way you play and the way you bet and avoid this basic poker mistake. Work on using a mix of styles and try not to play against the same people all the time!

Stick To One Type Of Poker

Each style of poker has its own rules and strategies. Learning them all can take a lifetime. If you are new to the game pick one poker format and stick to it.

Don’t try and learn all the games at once. Going from one type of game to another, for example: from Texas Hold’em to Three Card Poker, will not make you a better player. It will just make you average at all of them. Restrict yourself to one type of game until you really know what you’re doing with it.

When you have excelled you can move on to another type of poker game. On the same token, go up the stakes slowly – the games will get tighter and tighter the further up the stakes you go.

Avoid Too Many Multi-table Tournaments

Some more experienced players bounce from one table to another across a number of tournaments simultaneously. With potentially thousands of players taking part, you will need more skill than luck to get you through.

Multiple tables are distracting and can lead to mistakes. Stick to the smaller tables in order to learn and develop your skills.

Money Management

Keep track of your wins and your losses. Documenting this type of information will help you determine which kind of games you play best at. It also means that certain plays work better for you than others. That is not to say that you only stick to them, but at least you know you have a couple of winning formulas.

The same applies to your money overall. Pick limits and stick to them. If you go crazy with your money you will lose it all very quickly. Pick an amount you are comfortable losing and leave the game if you hit it. Do not start chasing your loses. Your desperation will just make you a target for aggressive players. Bow out gracefully, re-run your hands in your head and work out what you should have done differently.

Then with a clear head and a different strategy try again the next day.

Poker is a learning experience. Take every opportunity to improve and do better. That includes learning from your poker mistakes.


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