Daniel Negreanu ~ Poker Legend

Born in 1974, Canadian Daniel Negreanu is one of the most recognised players in the poker world. Highly successful, he is Las Vegas based and in 1998, at 23 years of age, rose to fame when he became the youngest world championship event winner in history.

He continued this success by becoming the US Poker Champion in 1999. One of the most highly skilled players on the world poker scene, he has racked up a staggering number of worldwide poker victories including six WSOP bracelets. To date, his total live tournament winnings have exceeded $39,500,000.

But Daniel Negreanu is not just a savvy poker player. He is massive on YoutTube and has his own channel with over 250 videos. He does daily vlogs covering all of his major tournament entries and this has led to a huge and dedicated fan base. That’s largely because he is so open about game strategy and frequently dispenses advice on how to improve your game. A must for any beginner.

With multiple TV appearances, book contributions, and an active Twitter account, he knows how to work the social media machine. Negreanu writes a regular column for Card Player Magazine, with over 100 articles to his name.


Until May 2019 he had been sponsored by PokerStars, but the 12-year partnership ended in what was reportedly an amicable split. He made the announcement via a Twitter video.

The company responded by saying:

“Daniel has been one of the most influential faces of poker and indeed PokerStars for 12 years, and it has been wonderful to have his passion, support and insights throughout our relationship.

“We wish Daniel the very best for the future, as well as wedded bliss and tons of run good this summer.”

Daniel exudes the confidence and professionalism of a new poker generation, raised on MTV, the internet and game consoles. He is renowned for his fresh candid approach to life, and his cool style embodies poker’s evolution from smoky backroom poker dens to a world-class sports enterprise.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t come in for some criticism over the years. He frequently airs his opinions on his official website and has had one or two spats online with other high profile names in the poker industry. Most of which I imagine just comes as part of being one of the most well-known people at the poker table.


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