Fans of the game and those using the betfair poker freerolls will be delighted to see that the enigma is back in high stakes action. When he first burst onto the scene the railbird attendances soared as he took on anyone and everyone. It seemed he was fearless and aggressive and the only thing on people’s minds was why didn’t he call himself Sauron (a much bigger and cooler badass name) and who the hell was he?

When Tom Dwan created the Durrr Challenge, those focusing on the poker sign up bonus note how only one person was exempt from participating and that was Phil Galfond. This is what JMan was saying about Isildur1 back then. “Say what you want about this guy but he is freakin amazing. He’s playing HU vs the best online players in the world at their best game and just crushing them all. I mean the guy just has no fear. I can’t wait to see if anyone can figure him out and beat him.”

This is what the JMan said after crossing swords with Isildur again last week.

“I played a long HU match with Isildur last week. I almost busted my Stars roll at the beginning, which was actually stressing me out a lot since I wanted to be able to last for what I knew would be a long and swingy match. I ended up running good at the right times and booked a big win. He’s a complete sicko…so fearless and aggressive. It leads to a ton of variance, and you just have to be willing to stick it in with much weaker hands than usual in order to not get run over. I feel that I have an edge (just like every other poker player) but I was very lucky during my session. I can admit that.”