Poker Amateurs To Beat The Best

One of the fascinating attractions of poker is that anybody, even amateurs, can pit themselves against the world’s best players. And often, if they are good enough, come out on top.

When you enter tournaments online you don’t exactly know who you are coming up against. Reputations count for nothing because nobody knows who you are. But the closer you get to the higher stake games the more likely you will come across the really good players. Especially in tournaments that hold prestigious entries to major tournaments.

Most players in this year’s WSOP will be regulars online. Realistically, there are not many sports or games in the world that this could happen. You don’t get to play in the PGA because you won a local golf tournament!

But as an amateur, if you get the right amount of luck and play good solid poker, there is every chance of coming out on top and claiming a big scalp.

Texas Holdem poker has transformed the lives of many people. It has given them a fantastic opportunity to earn a large amount of money from their skills. The most frequently referenced poker player in this class is Chris Moneymaker. His incredible WSOP win in 2003 is said to have revolutionized poker. Why? Because he was the first person to become a world champion after qualifying at an online poker site.

In 2017 British player Will Kassouf, who started playing in his local casino, finished 17th in the main event. He may not have made the final table but he did take home a whopping $338,288. Since then he has turned pro and amassed lifetime earnings of $1,352,427.

And in case you thought that was a fluke for the amateurs, check out John Hesp’s story. A 64-year-old grandfather from East Yorkshire, he shocked the poker world in 2017. He made it to the final table in the WSOP Main Event finishing fourth for $2.6 million!!  It was his first WSOP event and prior to that, he had only ever played poker for fun in small seaside casinos. In fact, his largest deposit was just a few pounds.

So the lesson is that if you’re good enough, you’ll be rewarded. Bankrolls can easily be increased if you play the right games and the right way.

The big tournaments have an enormous amount of entries and as a result, carry large prize pools. But before you start dreaming of a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas start small. Go to a reputable casino with a limited amount of cash. Bet small and learn as much about the game as you can. It’s not always about the cards you hold in your hand but how you read your opponents. And practice makes perfect!

Poker is one of the few games that can bring the fairytale to reality. Be clever, be strategic and don’t get carried away.