Poker Chat Terms

Poker chat terms are a science all of their own. And while abbreviating phrases and words for texts or chat boxes have become more popular in recent years, poker chat terms are far more specific.

So if you plan to start playing poker online then you need to get to grips with the lingo. Brush up on the shorthand and soon you will be able to make the most of the poker talk at the table. A better understanding of what is being said will boost your confidence and improve your credibility.

If you have no idea what the poker chat terms mean then I can explain!

Nearly all online poker rooms have a ‘chat’ facility. Players can use this to communicate with each other during a game. However, before you rush off to make friends, use this facility sparingly. In fact, I recommend that you actually do not engage in conversation but instead watch what others are saying.

This way you won’t get distracted but you may pick up on the odd tell from your opponents. Chatty players can often slip up and give hints about their hand and you can use this to your advantage!

As online poker action happens very quickly, most players use a kind of shorthand to speed things up. Online poker acronyms can be very which confusing to new player. So I’ve have put together a list of the most common poker terms used online.

Poker Chat Terms

  • vnh = Very Nice Hand, sign of appreciation from other players for your hand.
  • gg = Good Game, If you leave a table sign out with GG.
  • nh = Nice Hand, same as VNH.
  • n1 = Nice One, sign of good play.
  • nfh = Nice F*cking Hand.
  • gh = Good Hand, like VNH.
  • gc = Good Call, someone was bluffing and you correctly called them.
  • bl = Better luck – sort of a comiseration on getting beaten.
  • str8 = Straight.
  • zzz = This means someone at the table is taking too much time.
  • wtf = What The F*CK, as in “I can’t believe you just beat me with that hand”
  • lol = Laugh Out Loud, amused by a play or joke.
  • ty, thx = Thank You, it’s always nice to be polite in victory.
  • brb = Be Right Back, if you leave a table for a short time.
  • ulb = You Lucky B@stard = another player gets a lucky card.
  • 86 = When a player has been removed or banned.
  • bb = Big blind

You may have noticed that I abbreviated using lowercase letters. There is a good reason for that. As in most cases, if you use uppercase letters, it comes across like you are yelling.

The only real exception to this is when you are referring to a card such as Ace – A, King – K, Queen – Q, Jack – J and Ten – T.


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And speaking of referring to cards, you may often see them abbreviated in articles or on forums. Just remember that each of the suits is represented by their initial. Clubs – c, Spades – s, Diamonds – d, Hearts – h.

The face value precedes this so what you end up with looks like this: 9h for the 9 of hearts or 5s means the 5 of spades. That applies to every card in the deck. Face value first, suits second.

If you haven’t played poker online before, I recommend starting with a casino that offers a beginners room. This way you will be playing with opponents on a similar skill level. The tables only use very small amounts of money so while you may not win big, you won’t lose big either.




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