Rebuy Poker Tournaments

Rebuy poker tournaments are one of the most popular games on the internet. That is thanks in part to the massive prize pools they tend to create. Especially in relation to the initial buy-in amount. So what are ‘Rebuy’ Poker Tournaments? Simply put, it is one that gives you an option to rebuy to get back into a tournament. That is, if you bust out or your chip stack falls below a certain number.

There is usually a limit to the number, or a designated period, for the re-buys. After that, once you’re out, you’re out for good!

There are a number of different ways to approach rebuy poker tournaments. Listed below is the way a lot of pro players go about their business in rebuy events.

Bankroll management is important for playing rebuy tournaments. Always keep some money aside for any necessary rebuys. Account for at least two rebuys and an add-on at the break, which means you will be spending around four buy-ins per tournament.

There isn’t an optimal strategy for playing during the rebuy period. But the general consensus is that you should be willing to gamble very early on when you can buy back your chips. Watch any of the poker tournaments online and you will see hand upon hand going all-in preflop. Some will have great hands with opponents calling with some amazingly bad hands.

You need to gamble to acquire a stack big enough to carry you through the rest of the game. That’s why some players will try to bluff and force their way through with terrible hands.

If you manage to survive the rebuy period and make it to the break, you will usually be offered an add-on to purchase. Unless you have only just managed to get through the rebuy period with minimal chips, I would advise to always take the add-on if you can afford it. In most cases, the add-on offers a larger stack of chips than you received for your initial buy-in. So there is value to be had in just purchasing the add-on.

Straight after the restart, it is not uncommon for people to either not know or have forgotten the rebuy period is over. So be wary of all-ins for ridiculously large amounts.

But also be aware that the players who are left in the poker tournaments will, on average, have a much deeper stack than they are used to handling. This can lead to some big wins as players play out of their comfort zone and fail to adjust to being so deep. Thinking they have a huge amount of money, they can quickly whittle their stacks away.

Rebuy tournaments can be fun and very profitable if played correctly. Set yourself an amount you are prepared to lose and stick to it religiously or they can become very expensive. Also, check out downloadable poker tournament stats so you can see how often your opponents rebuy.


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