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Scratch cards are presently playing a pivotal role in a massive consumer promotion underway in Ghana. Consumers are being enticed to enter Airtel Ghana’s promotion by the lure of a swish Asian car. The car getting all of the attention is a Honda CRV SUV, a type of car that few people within the general population could normally afford. Consumers that enter are doing with the chance of winning the prize of a lifetime, which for most scratch card players is very appealing. Scratch cards offer alternate promotion opportunities outside of standard games and this is a great example of their versatility.

The name of this promotion is Deedew, although the Ghanaian for this phrase is much more difficult to pronounce for English speakers. The rationale behind this promotion is that Airtel Ghana wanted to give something back to its customers for the Christmas season. Airtel Ghana’s managing director explained that the organisation wanted to ‘stand out’ as opposed to just being a part of the furniture. Those present were impressed when he spoke at the press conference to launch the promotion. Also among the potential prizes apparently are cash, Samsung mobile devices and even tickets to see Arsenal play in London – lofty promotional offers indeed.

In terms of duration, Deedew launched on 1 December and will progress for approximately three months until 28 February. The entire basis of the promotion will rest on the use of scratch cards, thereby highlighting their worth in such a scheme. Airtel Ghana is a telecommunications company and consumers can build up points through topping up their sim cards and performing other basic daily functions. The scratch cards then help them to manage their points in this promotion, of which there are nine weekly prize ahead of a grand prize draw. Participants need to gather points over all three months of Deedew using their scratch cards. If they are among the top performers then they may receive entry to the draw for one of the coveted prizes.

Scratch cards are of great use in promotions because organisers can encourage users to collect points through using them as a transfer method. Codes can be concealed beneath panels and users can then remove them and collect the points using the code underneath. Airtel Ghana has realised this and wisely utilised this functional method to put together a robust national promotion in its country.