Space Evader Scratch Card

In most science fiction stories, it’s the humans who the viewer roots for, but Ladbrokes Casino has never done their games the boring, standard, way. In the Space Evader Gold Scratch card, the player takes the role of an alien who was exploring a planet for supplies but has been stranded away from the ship. It is up to the player to help him avoid the perils of this strange world, and get back to his ship.

The interface is designed to look like a high tech computer. All of the displays are digital displays, and the buttons are pulled straight from the most modern devices. The alien’s bug-like body is slightly uninspired, but its small body, singular antennae, and humongous eyes make for a charming character to root for. The strange planet bears a strong resemblance to mars, but the vicious plants and environmental hazards of the planet make is unusual to even the most seasoned of astronomers. Each of the spaces, on the trail to your ship, look as if they fell off of your vessel itself. Even the results of your dice rolls are high tech; displayed, via hologram, over the chasm, on the planet.

The theme of the game is important; however, it is not why players play. The gameplay of the Space Evader Gold Free Scratch Cards is a rewarding way to risk your money. Players first start by placing their bets, which determine how much you win. The more you risk, the bigger the rewards you can win. Players start with 8 spins, of a six-sided die, and use those spins to attempt to reach the jackpot, at the spaceship. Reaching the jackpot will take a total of 47, from your dice rolls; however, earning back what you bet only requires a total of 23 moves. Along the way, there are shortcuts and environmental hazards, identified by green and red spaces respectively. The shortcuts jump you ahead along the path, but the hazards will kill your alien, ending your game where you died.

When your game ends, you will collect the highest reward you have passed. If you make it all the way to your spaceship, you will earn the jackpot roulette. All of the options that the player can land on are of a higher value than anything else on the board, so getting the jackpot is always good.

Space Evader Gold Free Scratch Cards, from Ladbrokes Casino, is easily one of my favourite games, and a great way to turn pocket change into gold.