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The Razzies

Razzies Odds & Betting Guide 2021

The Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as Razzies or Razzie Awards, is a parody of the Oscars. Unlike the Academy Awards which honour excellence in cinema, The Razzies celebrates the worst films of the year. The first Golden Raspberry Awards…
Worlds Greatest Blackjack Players

The World’s Greatest Blackjack Players

Blackjack is the world’s most notoriously known casino game, from being featured in films such as “21” and “Rain Man” to its popularity in the world of online Live Casino games. Its sheer popularity is often attributed to its simplicity…

What Happens If You Bet On a Player To Score and He Doesn’t Play?

It's a nightmare scenario for punters, you've placed a cheeky bet on your favourite player to score anytime (or first) in the big match, but the stupid manager has only gone and benched your star player! What was he thinking? The lads in the…
World Championship Snooker

All About Professional Snooker Betting – Bet to Win

Snooker is a globally known game, played in some form or another in every country on the planet. Of course, most play it at the local pub over a few beers and laughs, which is great entertainment. But, the game played professionally is a…
Rugby World Cup

A Brief Guide to Understanding More About Exotic Wagers

Many online bookmakers are now offering what are referred to as exotic wagers. These are wagers that are beyond the standard betting options, and are so referred to as exotic. An exotic bet can be based around almost any aspect of a sport,…
Premiership Football Free Bets

20 Important Betting Tips For Beginners

2018 is fast approaching, and the world of online betting is growing bigger and bigger than ever. There are thousands of betting websites all over the internet, and it can be a very challenging task to decide which one to join. However, as…