La Liga Top Scorer

La Liga Top Scorers – Spanish League Hotshots 1999/2021

Once again Lionel Messi finished last season as La Liga's top scorer with 30 goals. That means he has won the coveted 'Pichichi Trophy' five seasons in a row, taking his haul to eight awards in total! And such is his dominance of the game that…
Champions League Top Scorer

Champions League Top Scorers – European Golden Boot 1999/2020

In addition to the World Cup, playing in the Champions League is seen as the pinnacle of a players career. For a striker, finishing as the top scorer in the world's most prestigious club competition is second only to winning the Golden Boot…

What Happens If You Bet On a Player To Score and He Doesn’t Play?

It's a nightmare scenario for punters, you've placed a cheeky bet on your favourite player to score anytime (or first) in the big match, but the stupid manager has only gone and benched your star player! What was he thinking? The lads in the…