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Paul Carberry

Paul Carberry ~ Grand National Winner

Paul Carberry followed in his father's footsteps when he won the Grand National. His father Tommy had raced to victory in 1975 on L’Escargot when Paul was a mere fourteen months old. Paul repeated that famous feat on Bobbyjo in 1999. In…

Kieren Fallon Diet

Ever wondered how professional jockeys manage to keep their weight so low over such prolonged periods of time? Wonder no more because aside from the fact that John Francome, Channel 4 Racing, says they spend 10 years hungry, there are also some…

Can A.P. Finally Do It In 2010?

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride is how some people look at A.P. McCoy when it comes to the Aintree Grand National. If he rides again in April 2010, which no doubt he will, it will be his ninth attempt at a much-coveted win and one…