Are You A Poker Fish?

Are you a poker fish? It is a popular term used by poker players to describe those that really don’t have much of a clue about playing poker. Maybe you’re just a beginner or simply somebody that never really got the hang of the game.

Poker fish have very little understanding of their hand. And even less of the probability of it winning them the game. If you wonder where the name fish came from, it’s because fish get eaten by sharks. And there are plenty of them in the poker world!

How To Spot A Poker Fish

For example, a poker fish may think that flopping bottom pair in a three or four handed game is good simply because it’s a pair. They don’t consider over pairs on the board, higher pocket pairs, potential straights or flushes. They don’t look at the betting strategy of opponents to develop awareness for how they play the game. Fish may not even be aware of the rules of the type of poker game they are playing.

Fish have less ability to consider the hands of the others around the table. Because of this, they tend to call far too much. Players like that will rarely give up, always thinking that their own hand is good enough, ignoring all the signs to the contrary. So what else do poker fish do that puts them into this category?

Firstly they limp into the majority of hands even if they hold completely rubbish cards. Secondly, they call a pre-flop raise also with terrible cards. This is mostly out of the false hope that comes with wanting to see the blind!.

Thirdly they will always pay off the river. If you get a fish to this stage i.e. at the river, then don’t bother to bluff because he will always call. Of course, you can always use this to your advantage to get more chips – provided you actually have a winning hand.


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Go Easy On The Fish

Fish are easy prey in the world of poker and can, more often then not, be found at the lower end tables. But let’s be honest – we’ve all been there in the beginning. We concentrate only on our own hand, insisting on seeing every flop “just in case”.

We have studied our own two cards so much that we completely neglected to think about anybody else. So go easy, we’ve all been fish at some point.

The basic rule of thumb is…if you’re at the poker table and you can’t figure out who the ‘fish’ is…it’s probably you!




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