The traditional image of bingo is that it is mostly played by older people. But things have changed over the past decade or so.

The number of traditional bingo halls in the UK has halved from the game’s heyday, with only about 350 now remaining. However the game remains hugely popular, but it’s now largely online.

One of the biggest factors in the move online came when the smoking ban took effect in 2007. That forced bingo players to go outside should they want to light up.

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Given the demographics of the traditional bingo hall customer, that became a problem. And it certainly contributed to the shift online.

The major players in online bingo include long-established bingo hall owners like Mecca and Gala. But they also now include online-only brands such as Tombola Bingo and Jackpotjoy.

And where the money is, the bookmakers soon follow. So you can also now play a lot of bingo on sites such as Betfred, Betfair, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

The Appeal Of Online Bingo

Part of online bingo’s appeal is that it’s widely regarded as ‘soft gambling’. Online games typically cost just a few pence to play, and it has a reputation for being more social.

That’s why it was surprising that online bingo proved to be so popular. While it may lack the same human contact as a visit to the bingo hall, it’s the technology that also helped to retain the sense of community.

So although you can make an occasion of it by having friends round for drinks and snacks, there are still plenty of social aspects to the game online.

With bingo cards automatically daubed once a game starts, it leaves you free to message in bingo chat rooms. The game still goes on, and there’s no fear of missing a number.

There are even additional games within some chat rooms that you can play against your online pals. That, of course, is something you cannot do in the real world. Chatting in the middle of a game in a traditional brick-and-mortar venue is very much frowned upon.

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Online Benefits

There are other benefits to playing bingo online. Special bingo promotions are always running. The more specific bingo sites such as Tombola and Jackpotjoy have a lot happening all the time. From side games to competitions and prize draws, there are more ways to get involved than simply playing the game.

There are also a greater variety of games online in addition to the classic 90-ball version. You can play uniquely created games, themed games, as well as 75 and 80-ball games. The range on offer also means different ticket prices and jackpots. So no matter what your budget is, there is likely to be a game to suit it online.

Another important factor is the ability to play when you want to from the comfort of your own home. Not everybody works 9-5, so the fact that you can play at any hour of the day is a bonus. And it doesn’t detract from the fun because there are always people playing!

The game of bingo has evolved beyond all recognition. The ‘any time, any where’ aspect has lured in a whole new generation of players. And the more people that play, the bigger the jackpots get. You may not be able to make a living out of it, but you can hopefully have a lot of fun and maybe win a few quid along the way.

What Could Bingo Halls Do to Attract Younger Players?

Introducing Technology in Bingo Halls

First and foremost, it’s no secret that younger generations are tech-savvy. Hence, integrating cutting-edge technology can give the classic bingo game a fresh, modern appeal. For instance, interactive touchscreens, VR (virtual reality) bingo, or even just Wi-Fi connectivity can draw younger players in.

Digitalizing Traditional Bingo Cards

Who said bingo has to be played with paper and markers? Bingo halls could digitize their traditional bingo cards and create a sleek app that allows players to mark their numbers on their smartphones. This blend of tradition and technology might be the ticket to attracting more tech-savvy youngsters.

Bingo Halls and Social Media

Here’s an interesting fact: according to Statista, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide as of 2020. Why not use this to the advantage of bingo halls? With cleverly crafted campaigns and viral challenges, bingo halls could generate buzz and attract younger players through social platforms.

Innovative Approaches to Attract Younger Audiences

Themed Bingo Nights

Why keep bingo as a standalone activity? Integrating popular themes into bingo nights, such as a Game of Thrones night or a Superheroes night, could make the game much more exciting for younger players. These events could incorporate cosplay, trivia, and other fun elements related to the theme.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks always enhance a social experience. So, why not incorporate some appealing dining options in bingo halls? Gourmet coffee, artisanal snacks, craft beers, or cocktail bars can all add an additional draw for younger crowds.

Bingo Halls as Multi-Functional Spaces

How about transforming the traditional bingo hall into a space that serves multiple purposes? Aside from the game, they could serve as spaces for community events, live music performances, art shows, or even co-working spaces during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How could bingo halls make their spaces more appealing to younger players?

Invest in modern and stylish interior design. Create comfortable, communal areas where people can socialize. Include tech amenities such as charging stations or free Wi-Fi.

2. What type of events could attract younger crowds to bingo halls?

Live music, DJ nights, trivia contests, theme parties, and charity events could all attract a younger audience to bingo halls.

3. Could bingo halls benefit from partnerships?

Absolutely! Collaborating with local businesses, artists, or even technology companies could provide mutually beneficial opportunities and help attract younger crowds.

4. What role could social media play in attracting younger players to bingo halls?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Through creative content, promotions, and partnerships with influencers, bingo halls could significantly increase their visibility among younger audiences.

5. How important is the integration of technology in attracting younger players?

Very important! The younger generation is tech-savvy and expects modern conveniences. Digitalizing traditional game elements and offering high-tech amenities could significantly boost a bingo hall’s appeal to this demographic.

6. What could bingo halls do to keep the younger players returning?

Offering loyalty programs, hosting regular events, updating game variations, and maintaining a vibrant, inclusive community atmosphere could all encourage repeat visits.


The question “What could bingo halls do to attract younger players?” calls for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. By blending tradition with technology and enhancing the social experience, bingo halls have the potential to thrive in this digital age.

The answer isn’t in a revamp of the game itself but rather in its surrounding experience.