Improve Your Poker Game

Poker is a game that continually evolves. Unless you, the poker player, evolve with it you will sadly be left behind. And we don’t want that to happen! Therefore, you should be always looking for ways to improve your poker game and the strategies you use. We have put together some helpful tips to get you started.

Poker Books

There are tonnes of top quality poker books out there that will help you improve at online Texas Holdem. I know, books are pretty old school these days. But reading and processing the strategies will stick in your head. Plus you always have a handy reference beside you if you want to play poker online.

Some of the older books, such as Doyle Brunson’s ‘Super System’ and David Sklansky’s ‘The Theory of Poker’ may have been written a couple of decades ago but are still relevant in today’s game. Poker superstars such as Daniel Negreanu and Chris Ferguson have also put pen to paper. So for a more modern approach, their books are also worth checking out.

Poker Forums

Another way, and one that is usually free is to join a poker forum and take part in the discussions on there. The biggest and best, although sometimes a little cut-throat, is Two Plus Two. This is a site where some of the best poker players in the world discuss hands and theory. Plus a whole host of other subjects with anyone who will listen. To get the most out of the forum you need to post some of your own hands too.

You should also take a look at Full Contact Poker which is Daniel Negreanu’s own poker forum. It is a huge website with thousands of poker related posts as well as plenty of tips on how to improve your poker game.

If you still want more then there is also PokerStrategy.com. It offers plenty of strategies and even has free tutorials for those of you who want to learn a bit more about the game.


Where else would you find so many helpful videos at the touch of a button? YouTube has hundreds of thousands of video tutorials, poker star vlogs, and interviews. Some of the older videos are well worth watching and have racked up millions of views over the years.

If you want to learn more about ranges in poker hands, how to play in your position, or even how to spot an online tell, there is a video for it. There are even some very well established poker channels. PokerStars has over a million subscribers and nearly 5,000 on its channel!

Training Sites

Finally, once you have done all of the above you can start to consider joining a training site. There are also many of these on the internet so make sure you choose one of the best ones.

Like most subjects, MasterClass has its share of poker tutorials. The two biggest come from Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu and will set you back £85 each.

Phil Galfond’s coaching site Run It Once has been around since 2012 and is billed as “the world’s leading poker strategy community.” It also has over 4,700 training videos and is free to join.

And finally, there is the option of Upswing Poker which is run by superstar Doug Polk. This one has the added benefit of contributions from other poker professionals for a wider range of tips.

Once you have initially studied the game you will learn much quicker if you log plenty of playing time. The best way to learn is to actually sit at a cash game. You will definitely improve your poker game when you have to consider proper bet sizing, and a whole range of poker moves.

The skills you learn at the cash game can and will be transferred over to tournament poker but it is difficult to do the opposite.


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